Lesley University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Personally communication is the worst thing about my school. I have had quite a few problems communicating with the business office at my school specifically. They did not finalize my financial aid package until the week before I was suppose to move in. Also it takes them forever to return your calls.


The internet connection is the worst. In the dorm which I am currently living in, we can't recieve any internet without our ethernet cord.


The cost to attend Lesley is the worst thing the school has to offer. Other students are barely able to afford going to the university. The government is not issuing out any scholarships to the school and even standford loans are not enough to cove the cost of tuition at the university. I am surprised that the school even has a large amount of kids that attend their because of the cost of tuition.


I believe the worst thing about my school is that there is not enough racial diversity. Lesley University does have a club caledd ALANA which promotes racial diversity,however, not many srudents of color take advantage of this program. Thus, meeting other students of color become limited and students of color are often isolated, especially those that commute to the school.


That Lesley doesn't offer or support to AIB and are slowly ruining it, because they don't understand art or how thigns should run at the art school.


It is a bit small but that makes it friendly.


It is small, but it is growing. The food isn't great.


The worst thing about my college is the lack of computers on the campus and the amount of money it costs to attend there and all the extra paper work you need to fill out for finacial aid.


It 's too small and there is no real campus.