Lesley University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The sort of person that should attend Lesley must be complaisent child that is just going through the motions without sprinting to eagerly make a difference.


Students who are majoring in psychology/therapy or education should know that Lesley is a safe bet. The professors in these fields are great, and it's what Lesley is best known for. Also, students who don't want to be stuck on a large, closed campus just some universities can enjoy Lesley's small campuses spread around Cambridge. You see so much of the city as well as feel as a part of the Lesley family.


This is a great school for adults returning to school to fullfill their dreams of obtaining a college education. Lesley offers many programs for adults who must often juggle family and work while pursuing a degree.


The kind of person that should attend Lesley University, is the kind of person that would like to learn, while experiencing city life, and getting involved in extraccuriculars and doing community service in order to better surrounding communities as well as achieving sel-actualization.


The kind of person that should attend this school is open-minded, well-rounded, and full of passion for their life, education and career.


If you consider yourself strange, you'll fit in perfectly.


Someone who likes a small school and a tight-knit community.


Lesley College and The Art Institute of Boston are very open-minded schools. Above all, you just need a good perspective on life, no matter what that entails, because most us keep our own perspective, while learning from others. It is easy to fall out of the loop, though, so one also needs to be able to manage their time to stay up with the demanding courses. You also need to be able to have fun, I don't know one person who doesn't have fun here, how they have fun varies, but there is always something to do.


open-minded, hardworking, works well with other people, outgoing, driven, responsible


Someone who is open to new ideas and is interested in education, counseling, psychology, etc.


Someone who can utilize support services from a school. Kids interested in teaching.


I think outgoing, creative, empathic individuals who have a passion for changing the world should attend Lesley University. It is a small school that offers a supportive environment for one's academic, professional, and personal growth. Everyone here, including faculty, students, and work staff, know eachother's names and faces. If you like small classes, a small campus, and familiar faces this is a perfect school. Everyone's passions are welcome here and we all try to use them to do our part in making an impact on the world around us.