Lesley University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Lesley University has high creative and intellectual standards, and is reknowned for producing educators, counselors and expressive artists, creatives, writers, and other thinkers, who are self-motivated, driven intellectualls. People who don't love learning, language, complex thought, words, and creative writing (their is a huge emphasis on critical thought and ability to write well in most programs), should not attend Lesley University.


Students who are looking for a career in medical or engineering fields should avoid this school because the primary focus of Lesley, is a strong psychology/alternative therapy/eduaction programs.


Lesley University is a very diverse school. Many students may grow fond of it quickly, however it isn't a good fit for students who don't like having to walk long distances between classes. It's also right in Cambridge, very much intertwined with the city. Anyone who doesn't enjoy city life, or the ever-changing New England weather, should look elsewhere.


I would say the type of person that should not attend the school, is the type of person that is not dedicated and is not putting enough effort into what they are doing, because i think its a waste of money when a person not getting their education worth by doing nothing. Also a waste of time .


People who have mental disabilities


If you are looking for a very social and athletic campus atmosphere, Lesley University is not your school. The campus consists of three separate areas, close enough to get to, but not connected. There is therefore no large campus area centralized. Athletics are a fairly recent addition and while they can be fun, are not a major focus of the university. The Art Institute of Boston, now a part of Lesley is at a completely different campus that can be reached by shuttle, bus, or subway.


A person who is in the middle class or poor.


someone who doesn't want to be in an environment that is very artistic, liberal, and urban.


conservative, southern, partier


The kind of person who shouldn't attend Lesley is a person who wants to attend a large school or major in business, pre-law, or pre-med. Lesley is excellent for education, counseling, and humanities, and the science department is developing. However, traditional majors such as engineering and biology aren't offered.


Someone interested in varsity sports or big into business or management.


A person who enjoys learning in a fun and exciting way should attend this school.


If you're not ready to learn, don't bother. The social life here is so awesome that some people fall out of the loop. Come to Lesley and AIB knowing that you will be working hard with amazing teachers to achieve your goals. If you can learn from classes, then you can have the time to party, jam, run around, or just do random things with friends and enjoy everything Cambridge and Boston has to offer.


Someone who is closed minded and looking for a large party school should definitely not come here. Everyone at lesley/art institute of boston is very open to all people no matter what religion, sexual orientation everything no matter what differences, we are a very small community so someone who feels strongly against some of those differences people may have should definitely not look at this school


Someone who like a big college with a big party life. It is very focused on career paths and mainly education and psychology.


I suggest a person who is looking for a "party school" should not attend.


Someone who is really intelligent and will not mind doing a lot of work.