Lewis-Clark State College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


This semester I am currently enrolled online, but based on all of the people that I know that are currently attending LCSC, they are extremely friendly and personable. I think what makes LCSC so great is that the students are all quite close. Lewiston is a small community, so everyone sticks together and it is easy to make life-long friends.


I dont really know a lot of my class mates. the few that i do know are pretty cool people. mostly though around here people dont go out of their way to make friends.


Down to earth, fun.


Overall they are genuinely nice people.


Focus. If you do not pay attention and have realize you are doing this for a reason, even if you cannot see that reason just yet, you will have not learned anything and wasted all your money. Come to class. You are paying more than you may realize for it. Be open minded to your teachers. Although, they have flaws, there are reasons for what they are doing. Even if you do not like them, you can learn from them, and you are paying to do just that. So suck it up, come to class, quit bitching and listen.


Majority are motivated and most are there to learn and get degrees, but a few others are there just killing time.


My fellow Lewis-Clark State College students are very friendly, supportive and easy going.


Class mates, for the most part, are nice, but very interesting people.


My class mates are a lot younger then I am. They are all great

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