Lewis-Clark State College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anybody who wants to learn and have a great career. Someone who is focused on a career goal and knows what they want in life.


People that are laid back and not into the hustle and bustle of the city should attend this school.


This college has one of the lowest tuition rates yet still provides an excellent education.


Any one who likes the small town feel will love the smaller campus size. Campus is diverse so I think everyone would feel comfortable.


One of the greatest things about Lewis-Clark State College is there is no "one type" that attends. There are many non-traditional students; single mothers, fathers building a better life, grandparents eager to learn, etc. If someone wants fantastic Professors that really give individual attention, a great curriculum and a wide range of opportunities, then that's the type of person that should attend.


People that are fun, kind a like to learn. Some of the people here are not very dedicated to their work at all and would rather party and goof off the whole time. We need to see more individuals that can work together and accomplish greater goals for themselves and our school as a whole.


Any person I think could attend this school. It is great for students who need one on one help in their classes. Any ethnic backgrounds are also welcomed at this school. The school is very friendly and welcoming for foreign students as well. There are many activities for students to participate in such as; sports, outdoor activities, volunteering and ethnic groups.


The kind of person who likes things small and simple.

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