Lewis-Clark State College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


You need to go to college so that you can get the career you want. College is not as bad as you think as there are people there who want you to graduate and they are there to help you success in your college career.


That you make friend that will last a life time. Try not to stress out it is going to be all right and your going to fit in just find. You will have the best experiences of your life and would never wanted to end. Might have thought college was not going to be best option for me, but once I have atended iy couldn't have been more better. This is just a stepping stone to my wonderful future yet to come.


Assuming I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school, I would tell myself to continue moving forward toward my dreams and goals, and never let anything or anyone stand in the way of my career. Three months ago at the beginning of my third semester, I thought I needed a little time off of school. A lot of things weren't going the way I had hoped, and I felt really down. So I took a semester off, and went from having school completely paid for to struggling to reapply for scholarships and funding for school. While I did work two jobs, now that school is starting again it is difficult to get back to how it was before. So again, if I could go back in time, I would tell myself to keep my head up, and push hard for what means most to me. I would tell myself that as long as I stay in school, everything after will be set. If I could go back in time, I'd tell 18 year old me to never change. I'd tell 18 year old me to stay in school.


To go back in the past, Would be such a blast. I would visit a day, When I was a high school senior, if I may? I could tell myself all that I know, It would play out like a part of a show… you may feel on top of the class, but time is as precious as glass, keep close those you hold dear, for then you shall have no fear, make up a plan, and no matter the case-do the best you can, you may just become your new best fan, you may meet new souls, that may fill the holes, but keep up little miss o'smarty, even if you want to party, make a new school, your place to rule… I could stay all day, if I may, but I don’t want you to stray, because it’s you that needs to find the way. Everything may change, Yes, but this is no time to duress. They may say school is cool, and from what I have learned-they are no fools. Attend only one college and you will see, Just how many opportunities there will be.


Making the transition from Montana to Idaho was very tough on me. I didn't know how to feel about the new environment that I was in, and classes were rough because I didn't know anybody. Knowing what I know now, I wish I would have jumped into campus activities and met more people. I wish I wasn't as shy as I am. It makes it difficult to make new friends. Another thing I would tell myself is to not be afraid to ask questions. All new students feel some sort of anxiety and don't know what to do; I am not the only person. When you have a question, it's highly likely that someone else is thinking about that same question. My advice to my former self would be: BE BOLD! BE BRAVE! You are in charge of your own future.


So far i have gotten just a small taste for the college life, but its small here so i guess not really. However no matter where you attend school it is very vital that you do because that's pretty much the only way you can succeed in life is to have an education.


I have gotten the opportunity to become an adult, to learn, to make mistakes, and to grow from them. I would not trade the last year and a half of my life for anything in the world. If it weren't for the experiences that I have gotten from college, I would not be the person that I am today. The value of college for me is not just the fact that I'm going to be able to acquire a job after I get my degree, but that I've been able to meet the people that I've met and learn the things that I've learned. Whether or not those lessons have been easy to deal with. I started college thinking that I could just mess around and that I would do perfectly fine, but it has made me realize that I was very naive. I made some mistakes and I have lived through those consequences only to come out on top. I have lived, that is the most valuable gift college has given me.


My college experience has been very positive. I have learned a great deal about myself. Starting my education in the Business program at New Mexico Jr. College gave me great insight as to what I did not want to do. Upon attendance at Lewis Clark State College, I entered the Education program and know without a doubt that I truly want to have a career in education. The instructors in the Elementary Education Program have been instrumental in helping me determine my career choice. Patient, understanding, and compassionate are a few words that describe what I have learned about myself from my college experience. I have really grown as a person in the last two years while attending college. I am much more confident and my self esteem is much higher now. The overall experience and education that I have recieved so far is invaluable to me. I know that I will be a succcessful teacher and look forward to the day that I am teaching my own class and fulfilling my goals as an educator.


I have learned a lot going to college, some of the major experiences would be responsibility, time management, setting goals, thinking postive, and also to know who I really am. This has been valuable to me because it will help me in my career and will make me a very successful man.


I am returning to college after 22 years. Going back to college has always been my dream. Receiving a 4.0 grade average for my 1st semester has helped restore my self confidence. I have bi-polar disorder and post traumatic stress syndrome from having a severely abusive childhood. My bi-polar disorder has for years left my ability to concentrate minimal. Along with my post traumatic stress syndrome, I am overcoming my fear of people. I am currently living on disability income. I feel it has left me living in a rut and want out of my current situation. Going back to college is my only way to improve my life. I’ve pushed through my fear and anxiety and made the leap to go to college. This was a huge step for me and I am so glad I did. While being married with my husband’s income, leaves me only with student loans to pay for college. I commute 70 miles a day to attend. It is stressful and a struggle but I will do what it takes to finish and receive my degree.


What I have obtained in my college experience, are the necessary skills to succeed not only in life, but also in the workforce. The experience of my studies is valuable. For its merit has helped me by being able to set better goals and has provided the motivation to reach those goals. My education is extremely important as it has and is still helping provide the knowledge that is needed for my career. By being able to study in college, it has allowed me to grow more aware of the life that lies ahead of me, and has provided the building blocks of a successful future. This, in itself, is the most valuable possession of my life, since it will be something that always will be with me. My educations will not only helpful in the workforce, but also in my daily life.


I've meet a lot of different people from different cultures and am exposed to many different classes. It's been valuable because I know when I'm done with school I'm going to have a degree that will allow me to get a very good job and have a financially stable future. It's also been valuable because of the different cultures I'm getting to experience.


I've learned an appreciation for my education in college, as I've had to work hard to pay for my classes. As such, I'm a harder worker and value my classes more than ever. I look forward to the day I can go full-time again, and hopefully not worry about paying tuition constantly.


A lot of knowledge.


In these short four years of college I have grown from a know-it-all teenager to someone who realizes I will never know much at all. The teachers and classes have directed me toward a solid goal of doing what I love. They have pinpointed my weaknesses and helped me overcome them. I no longer fear failure as I once did. I no longer show up late to events that I may not see the value in. I now have productive life and business habits and most of all, I have met some amazing people.


I started college by going to a bigger university where I was seperated from my family for the majority of the year. Because it was a bigger university it was much more expensive. In order to pay for the cost of living on campus, tution and other school expenses, I had to work two jobs while trying to take 12-18 credits worth of class. It didn't turn out very well and I basically ended up throwing away almost twenty grand because I didn't pass my classes because I was working all the time. After two years of doing this I made the choice to move back home and attend the local college, Lewis-Clark State. After completing one semester I realize now this is where I should have started. The smaller college, along with staying at home, and only working one part time job has made it much easier to pass my class and retain some of what I learn in them. If I had a chance to go back and give myself advice, I would order myself to go to LCSC and leave the bigger university for later, or possibly not at all.


This question is easy for me...I would encourage, no beg myself to take school seriously. I would tell myself to get good grades, study hard and get as much financial aid as possible. I would let myself know that going back to school as a 30-something single mother is difficult and that being in college is such an opportunity worth taking. I would let my former self know that working hard as an eighteen year old freshman is nothing compared to working hard as a thirty-something single mother (freshman) with bills to pay and a roof to keep over her families' head. I would say, "dare to dream, reach for the stars but keep your feet planted on the ground". "You are a lot smarter than you think you are...prove it!"


A lot runs through the mind of a high school senior. Mostly, for me it was the fact that I had completed what felt like the final chapter of my education, for a little bit at least. I was going to get away from my city, state, and nagging parents. However, if I could have done it differently, I would have sat myself down and told my young, ignorant self not to waste my time during the first year of college. That there is more to life than social networking and parties. I would have told myself that a college education is a previlage not to be taken lightly. I would have explained how important it is to remember to go to class everyday and to get your work done, then you can go and off and have fun. I also would have made sure to tell myself that college is an investment in your future, and once you take a year off its very difficult to go back, and very expensive. Having said all of this, I do know now that going back after a few years off is definitely hard, and a strain financially, but its worth it.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to take all classes possible. I would advise myself that taking the easy way out is not always the best. I would advise myself that there is plenty of time to grow up and make money later on in life; right now your schooling should be your main priority. Life is going to be tough from here on out, but don't let it get you down; it will always get worse before it gets better. Tough it out.


I would tell myself to not be overwhelmed by how much college was ahead of me and to focus on succeeding one semester at a time. I would also talk about how important internships are and to try to do several of them during my time spend in college. Finally, I would emphasize what an amazingly positive impact my degree will make in my future and to take it very seriously.


Take at least one year off to travel, work, gain life experience in order to really determine what you want to study. If I had taken more time to work in the health care field, I would have still studied music, but would have realized sooner that going to medical school was not for me. It's important to take the time to actually gain real life experience in the field you think you may want to pursue. This gives a more clear picture of the life you will lead and what direction you should take.


My college experience didn't start out the greatest. There are many things that I didn't know and it was hard to find anyone to help me. Now I have learned where to look for scholarships and help. My counselors in school told me that there were none available, and my biggest downfall was that I believed them. When you have a 3.75 GPA all through high school like I did, use it! Don't listen to others, always take what they are saying with a grain of salt. As you first start college take everything as it comes and be sure to get out there and make new friends. College is where life begins and the fun happens. Live the college life to its fullest. I didn't learn this until second semester and it is so much better. Don't worry so much about the money during school. Yes you will be a broke college student like the rest of us, but you don't have to pay for entertainment anymore. Plus the fact is that if you keep good grades the money will come with the scholarships. Don't forget to live the college lifestyle!


If I could go back in time I would probably take myself out for some Mexican food and have a long talk about doing well in school. I would tell myself to focus more on academics and not worry about getting a job to pay my car insurance. I would help myself to set up a study plan and figure out early on what I might want to do as a career instead of just floating though the system. I would help myself find direction and set in place the fundamentals of a good study system that I am just now learning as a Junior in College. I would tell myself that college is not harder than high school but different. College takes more focus and self discipline. I would tell myself to work on being a better student and that college was a chance to start fresh and prove to myself that I can succeed in academia. I would tell myself to not be afraid to fail and to ask as many questions as I can! I would also tell myself to never take no from someone not qualified to give you a yes.


I have always been a hard worker in school and I have been determined to get good grades and succeed in school and in life. So I don't have much advice I would give to myself, but I do have advice that I would give to other seniors in high school. College is very high paced and it can be easy to get behind in classes if you don't keep up with them. The first day of college a person has to be ready mentally to do well and learn the material in the class. Writing notecards helps a lot in order to memorize information and use repitition to learn it the quickest. Another thing I find helpful is to get homework and assignments done as quickly as you can. Once you have the information you need to do an assignment or essay, do not procrastinate! Stressing over an assignment right before the deadline will result in a worse grade. More time can be spent studying as well if an assignment is done quickly. Lastly, having a balanced life by working out regularly and hanging out with friends in addition to studying is the best way to go!


Don't wait, go now.


Stay with your family a little longer and save up a little more money befor you move out on your own. There is nothing wrong with staying with family and working but not paying rent. And also have some more fun your only young once.


Stick it out!!! My top advice would be to tell myself (my High School self) that it's worth it. I'm a 34 year old freshman/single mother...it would have been so much better if I would have been disclipined enough to get a higher education when I was younger. I would tell myself that it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Yes, it may seem difficult at times but it's so worth any and all effort and struggle to better yourself and your future (and the future of your son). I would tell myself to study hard, get good grades and focus on the end results. Although it's work, it's also so much fun. Look beyond the core requirements (past that math class that you really don't want to take) and see the possibilities, the classes that you want to take and where they are going to take you in your life. I would say, "You can do it, I have faith in you. You are smarter than you give yourself credit. The sky's the limit...go for it!"


Dear Heather don't drop out your sophmore year of high school. Keep going. To go back in your thirties is very difficult. Wait to have a family. Start your career then a family. Trying to keep up with bills and kids is very hard. Now I worry about paying my bills and taking care of my kids. That stress makes it harder to concentrate on studies.


I wouldtell myself to no be afriad to go to college. It's a great time, and you will make lots of friends. Also i woukd remind myself to keep up on my grades from the beginging. Because once you get behind, it's hard to catch up. And finally i would remind myself that i am a good person, and I know how to handle myself, and manage my time, because thats what college is all about. It is all being proud of who you are and being true to yourself, with a whole lot of time management!


Going to the school for a week & shadowing a student to know what it actually feels like to be a part of that school. It would be good to shadow a student who is in your intended major for a more real experience.


It?s important for students to make the ultimate decision on the college they attend as it will be their first choice toward an ultimate career. Never forget to consider your family ties because it doesn't matter how great of an institution you are accepted into if you are wind up unable to maintain those important relationships you will get distracted from your coursework and fall short of your goals. Ultimately you need a strong support system if that means family, friends, or a well established organization. Make college your full-time job, even if you are only taking a couple classes if you can't make class one of your top priorities then you will not meet your potential. When you choose that right school stay committed; if there is something you don't like, start working to change it never simply complain. Get active and stay involved in your campus and community life. Talk to people and try a club, sport, or run for a student board position. Find a niche that feels like an extension of yourself and run with it... don't look back, make your future bright.


Don't make a college decision based on what you think you'll want out of high school, because, chances are, college will change what you want. Step out of your box. Try new things. Go places. Don't be dead set on a major because it will change with you. Most of all, let yourself change, but don't do so on behalf of others. College is a time to find you, no matter how long it takes to do that. You'll meet amazing people, and you'll have an awesome experience if you just let yourself change.


Students find the one you like and are comfortable with. Parents support your child on the chose they made.


Make sure that you/r child will be happy. That is the number one thing. If they are happy, they have a better chance to succeed. If not, they could lose focus or just get into some non-charastic habits.

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