Lewis-Clark State College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


While the best part of Lewis-Clark State is the size, the worst and most frustrating part can also be the size. Especially when it's time to hit the bookstore your best bet is to get there early. If you end up putting things off or something comes up, you will stand in line at the book store for who knows how long. Seems like whenever there's a deadline or last day to do something, every student comes out and is in line for anything and everything, and it can be tedious standing long lines.


There is very large percentage of students who are non-traditional, for me this is frustrating because I feel like I haven't gotten to have the "college experience" and alot of them can get really annoying.


when they close down the intire parking lot and it limits the parking.


My school is small and it is frustrating how it is clichy due to the small size. It can be sometimes hard to meet new people.


Overall Lewis-Clark state college is a great place to attend but it would be nice if campus would expand environmental programs (go green), maybe a campus garden or support the local farmers market in more direct ways. Being an out of state student the scholarships and grants available are quite limited which makes it hard to pay for my education.


Professors are uninterested in students because they are grossly underpaid and most are adjunct. Therefor, the education recieved is subpar. There is a constant battle within the faculty for money, which makes the experience for students even worse.

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