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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?

I do not personally believe that Lewis University has any negative stereotypes. As a Catholic University, the vast majority of students who attend Lewis are there because they choose to be. Lewis' students are interested in pursuing higher education and working toward their future careers. Perhaps one of the greatest reasons supporting the lack of stereotypes at Lewis University is the wide range of students and majors that the school offers. A Sanctified Zone, Lewis promotes cultural diversity throughout its entire campus. Students from all cultures, religions, ethnicities, and backgrounds can come together to converse, develop, and learn. While some students seem to focus on academics and others on athletics or extracurricular activities, there is common ground among everyone. In my experience, everyone gets along well with one another -- pigeonholed cliques and the like are virtually nonexistent. Lewis University truly offers a diverse, welcoming, and encompassing community for all to partake in.

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Frat guys and jocks. Many students are kept to theirselves though. Lewis is very involved by offering several clubs and sports.

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