Lewis University Top Questions

Describe a typical weekend.


A typical weekend at Lewis is fun, but low-key and relaxing at the same time. For those who need to focus on their studies or perhaps catch up on work, the library is open from the early morning to the late evening, so it is simple to maybe go with a few friends or individually to get some coursework or projects completed there. In addition to grabbing some tasty lunches at the Courtyard Cafe or Flyer's Den, students can find some fun going down to the game room. The arcade games there are free on the weekends, and students can even participate in an enjoyable round of mini-bowling. The televisions that abound in the dorms can let people catch up on their favorite T.V. shows or watch a movie with friends. Lastly, some may simply choose to curl up with a book in their room or go for a relaxing stroll around Lewis' campus before a new school week begins.

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