Lewis University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


I feel that Lewis University is an excellent school that offers a quality education while fostering a spirit of cultural diversity and religious tolerance.


Lewis University is friendly campus that provides individual attention to students for a better learning envirnment.


Lewis University is a place for students to earn a high rated education and start their the path for a great future.


The first thing many people notice at Lewis University is how beautiful the campus is. Students can enjoy the scenic landscape, walks between classes (which are never more than ten minutes and can all be achieved within walking distance), and the trees, squirrels, and rustic buildings. The buildings themselves are spaced evenly across Lewis' many acred campus, and are beautiful both outside and inside. Within the academic colleges are the dorms themselves, all of which are relatively close to the buildings and one another. Overall, Lewis offers that ideal balance between the natural and the modern, with great backgrounds to enjoy but a close communal sense where there is the microcosm of students within the larger campus.


This school is great for individuals that are serious about school and focused on their future.


Lewis University is a religious school.


Lewis University is a place where the academically inclined student can thrive in small-sized courses, enthralling course material, enaging and intelligent professors, and a really beautiful campus.


My school is a small, Catholic school with an emphasis on aviation, nursing, business, and education.


Lewis University is a remarkable school because of its great diversity amongst the students, and also because of the tremendous one-on-one assistance the professor's give to the students. that need help.


Lewis University is a school dedicatedto the education of it students, as well as a place where one can grow and develope the skills one needs to pursue their goals i life.


Lewis University is a wonderful school to attend , weather your 19 or 40. For the youner generation, the campus keeps you entertained with lots of activity and theathical concerts and musical opportunity. The campus building are close and convienent to get to class during the cold weather. Facility and staff are readily available for tutorial assistance, as well as referal to psychological assistance if needed. For the older students as myself, Lewis has allowed me the opportunity to reflect on when I was young and what an opportunity this campus would have make in completing my degree 25 years ago..


A friendly campus with professors that tend to be caring of their students.


My school has a great sense of community and a great program for my major.


Leis University is a tiny little campus in the middle of Romeoville. Romeovlle isn't the most attractive city to have a college, there is a refinery right down the street. However Lewis is like its own little beautiful town. There are trees, flowers and picinic tables everywhere. However it is during the Christmas season that Lewis really glows. As you drive up the drive to Lewis there is a giant star and nativity set. Almost all the trees are covered in lights and while walking around campus at night it's liek our own littlle wonderland.


Lewis is a wonderful community that cares about their students and their future after lewis.


Lewis University is small, friendly, and supportive.


Lewis University is an excellent private school with small classes.


My school is a small private christian school.


Lewis university is a private school with plenty of opportunities to get involved in school. Many programs are offered for all kinds of fun and also is a very friendly environment. Class schedules are great since they provide many classes through all sort of times and days. The school also does a great job in keeping students updated with what is going on in the school and what is being offered such as scholarships, clubs, and organizations. The school is very beautiful by keeping it clean and surrounding it with nice clean grass, beautiful flowers, and different ornaments.


My school is wonderful. I learn things from my school but not just the classroom but outside of the classroom too.


Lewis University is a Catholic and Lasalian school that is a close nit community that is safe, clean and fun!


Lewis University is a great school with many opportunities.


Lewis is a wonderful diverse university where I feel comfortable to live out my faith and where I believe that I can receive the best education for my major.


Lewis University is a very friendly,and safe community for college students.


Lewis is a close-knit community that genuinely cares about all of its members as individuals, taking great care and pride in ensuring the successful education of each of its students in their passion.


Lewis University has an inviting campus that makes everyone feel at home while providing the necessary resources to succeed in their education.


An academically focused environment.


Lewis University is a college offering excellent education and one that encompasses and cherishes all of its students and their unique personalites, beliefs, and cultures.


Lewis University is traditional.


It is very communtiy orientated.


School is very involved in providing opportunities to get involved with the studying major.


Lewis University is a private LaSallian University.


Lewis University is a school where people are able to have a great, Catholic college experience, have long lasting relationships with amazing people, and it is a place where a person can always feel safe being on campus.


My school is a close community with many programs and areas to get involved.


Lewis is a great University to study aviation, grow intellectually, spiritually, mentally, and to make a great number of friends.


Lewis is a small university that has always had a home feeling, teachers know you by name and you will never be a stranger in the classroom; it also has a very nice outside appearance, but its not the outside that counts, the quality and open'mindedness' should be a priority.


Lewis University is a small community whose social aspects are lacking for students. To have a good social life on campus you must be involved in a sport or active in greek life, which both are not intersting to me.


Lewis University is a smaller sized school, yet the academic focus and enforcement of rules is to lax; along with activities to do around campus.


Lewis is a small conservative school with a friendly atmosphere and great professors.


Lewis is small and a fairly close-knit community.

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