Lewis University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students aren't very open minded.


Students are very focused and motivated


The students are great, friendly, helpful and very diverse.


smart nurses that I would trust with y life


I think that the students at my school are very friendly, open, and intelligent. I honestly have very little to nothing to say negatively about them. The fellow students I have encountered have all been capable, interested in learning but having fun in college at the same time, and willing to put forth the effort to succeed in life. I have experienced a couple interesting groups on campus. A friend of mine invited me to a Big Brothers, Big Sisters meeting where students "adopt" a high school student with special needs and participates in events with them once a month. I thought it was a beautiful activity to engage in. I am also a member of Sigma Tau Delta, Lewis' chapter of the National English Honor Society, Delta Epsilon Sigma, the National Catholic Honor Society, and Teachers of Tomorrow, an organization on campus for aspiring teachers. All of these extracurricular activities have afforded me with valuable learning experiences outside of the classroom and given me opportunities (such as volunteering with students and writing a school journal) to better me as an individual and prospective teacher. The only type of student I would say might feel out of place at Lewis is one who is not interested in socializing with others. Due to its welcoming atmosphere, all who come to Lewis have the opportunity to meet new people and friends in classes, the dormitories, or clubs. Although I was initially rather introverted, I met new friends that helped "pull me out of my shell" and become a more outgoing person. Most students wear a mix of casual attire (such as a shirt and jeans) to very informal attire (like a sweatshirt and sweatpants). There is no "status quo" and people do not look down on other peers for not wearing the most fashionable outfits. As a university setting, many students were this casual clothing and fit right in, although more formal attire is more presentable and engaging on the day of a presentation or clinical experience. Yes, students of all different backgrounds interact. I myself have friends of different religions, races, and ethnicities, and honestly do not even consciously notice these distinctions anymore. I look at all of my friends equally, and have not heard of any mentions of racism, sexism, or other prejudices at Lewis University. This again attests to its culturally responsive and open-minded learning environment. There is a fair blending of commuter and resident students, and all do seem to mingle. While I know from personal experience that commuter students sometimes struggle socializing with others if they just attend classes and go home, but if they get involved in extracurricular activities and eat in the dining halls, it is easy to make new friends and interact with others. Most financial backgrounds seem to be students from middle class homes (like myself), although this does vary occasionally. Furthermore, politics are not heavily discussed at school, and I have friends from predominantly left-wings standpoints to conservative opinions to the middle stances. These different backgrounds (financial, political, or not) help contribute to Lewis' great sense of diversity.


My classmates are very hard workers but also know how to live life.




some are nice, others just seem like they arent friendly.


everyone is very nice and careing sweet to the bone.


The same as me.


Majority of my classmates are career women continuing thier education.


The students at my school are a diverse group, which is one thing that Lewis University prides itself in. People from all types of backgrounds, religions, races, and even countries attend Lewis. Here at Lewis, we are a very tight nit community, being such a small school. We're always ready and willing to lend a hand to a fellow Lewis Flyer.


My classmates are all really considerate of the other students around and are always willing to help each other whenever necessary.


Although like in all classrooms there are the shy students or the extremely talkative ones, the majority of classmates that I have had have been very open and willing to discuss any topic given to them and though they may be strongly biased or set on their view, everyone seems to respect one another--and that is something I strongly value in the classroom.


I look forward for my classmates to be dedicated in succeeding, focused in their education, and give good support when it?s needed.


My classmates are fun, smart, and friendly.


My classmates have all been nice, but mostly reserved.


All the students at Lewis Univesity are extremly easy going and welcoming people who always try to make you feel like you belong at school with them and can always make room for you in their circle of friends.


My classmates at Lewis University are friendly, always willing to help if i have questions, and are not judgemental.


Lewis university is full of many differnt students from all different states. It's amazing to be able to meet new peolpe from all over and to see the differences that you have with them. These people you meet at Lewis will be your friends for years to come. The bond you make with these people as you study for hours at a time is unbreakabke. They are there for you in the hard times when you can not see the light ahead,. They push you because they know your potential and that if you can do anything.


My classmates are some of the funniest, wittiest, and nicest people one could ever meet.


Everyone is always there to help out their classmates. Everyone is also friendly and easy to get along with.


Classmates add new dimensions to my life and I frequently learn something new from all the different people I interact with. Classmates are typically friendly and willing to work with me to complete assignments or other tasks. Many classmates have also become wonderful friends.


Very nice, open and friendly people, who are very easy to get along with.


My classmates are are very different individuals and they usually all have the same goal in mind.


My classmates at Lewis University are very supportive and encouraging with a very close connection towards each other.


My classmates are friendly, inviting, intellectual and diverse.


My classmates are slightly competitive and equally supportive.


Extroverted and welcoming towards other students.


My classmates and dormmates become your best friends here on campus; they are there for you emotionally, for academic support, and for entertainment purposes.


Our school had an incident last year where a few racist comments were made. The student body was outraged and decided to hold a diversity rally. Racism is bound to occur anywhere in the world and we need to know how to deal with it. Through this experience I felt proud to be a Lewis Student. I came from a school dominantly white. At Lewis it amazed me how well every race and religion intermingled.


My classmates are diverse and focused, especially those I work with who share the same major.


All my classmates are working on thier 2nd degrees. Thay are all very focused and since there are only 10 of us, we try to encourage each other to hang in there for the accelerated program we are in.


My classmates were very kind and respectful.


My classmates are highly intelligent and creatvie people.


The classmates for the most part are very helpful and nice just ask questions and do not be shy and you will get what u needed


They are very friendly.


My classmates are helpful and interactive.


My classmates are a little full of drama, but for the most part we always have a good time. our time together is always one big joke, however, we are all very serious about our studies. We know how to have a real good time, but when it comes to our careers, we are all focused. Being pilots, we cannot afford to let our studies slip. The nursing majors at our school are more strict with their studies, but still know how to have fun

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