Lewis University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for its outstanding aviation program. It was a huge selling point for me being an aviation flight student. In fact, this year we won the lonnings trophy which is awarded to the school nation wide with the best aviation program. Just to give you an idea of what a fantastic program they have there, and i am trying to get the most out of it that i can.


My absolute two favorite campus traditions take place every Friday and during Christmas time. Each Friday, there is a fun program known as "Flyer Red Friday." Two students who wear the school color of red on Fridays have the potential to win a $50 gift card to the Lewis Bookstore! Two students from the Student Services Committee visit two random students in classes and verify if they are wearing red. If so, the gift card is theirs! I've never been chosen yet, but it fosters a strong sense of school spirit and is a fun way to live out the Lewis Tradition as proud Flyers in our colors of red and white. The other fun tradition at Lewis takes place during Christmas time. Students can visit the large evergreen tree situated near the center of campus and watch lights being set up on the tree. Students sometimes have a great time singing carols, going from dorm to dorm with Christmas treats, or (if not celebrating the holiday) just spending time with friends enjoying the beautiful lights. Both are great ways for Lewis students to form their closer sense of community together.


Lewis University is best known for being a commuter, as well as residental school. The school prides itself on diversity and philanthrophy work. Another major feature is the impact of religion on campus, there is a cross present in each classroom, and there is also a Chapel on campus.


Here at Lewis, we are very well known for our Nursing and Aviation programs. We are one of the only schools in the area that has our own airport. The faculty/ teachers in both of these programs are at the tops of their respective fields, and as students, I feel we learn so much from their stories alone, not to mention the experience that they reflect as they are teaching.


Lewis University has a great Aviation program. They are a LaSallian School.


Lewis University is known for its Aviation program, great nursing program and as having one of the best Men's Volleyball Teams in the nation.


My school is best known for aviation majors as well as broadcasting. It is also known for the volleyball team, but since it is a smaller school it's not known for many things other than that. It's only known about in local areas anyway since most students are commuters


Nursing, Aviation, Criminal Justice, Education, Theology


Lewis University is best known for its Aviation and Aviation Maintenance programs, its Division One Men's Volleyball team, and its Catholic and Lasallian heritage.


The university that I attend is best known for it's aviation program and airport.


Lewis University is best known for flying. It is the only school in the area that has its own airport. Lewis is also known for its LaSallian tradition and the Christian Brothers. It is one of the few Catholic and LaSallian schools in the Chicago area. One unique feature about the school is the theatre. The Philip Lynch Theatre is the original airplane hanger for the school and now holds a thrust stage and seating for only 241 people. It is a very intimate space and and a wonderful space to perform in.


its small campus, friendly staff, and aviation program


It's nursing and aviation programs, and for being a catholic and lasalian university.


My university is best known for Aviation and Nursing.


I believe that Lewis is best known for it's programs in Aviation. Whenever this school is mentioned people automatically know this school as "the airplane school."


Lewis has a beautiful campus and a focus on diversity.


Lewis University is known for providing excellent academic opportunities to both traditional and adult students. Their commitment to life-long learning is demonstrated in both of these programs, encouraging traditional and adult students as they pursue their education to achieve their career goals.


Nursing school, Men's volleyball, Catholic and Lasallian values


That it's a Christian school, and it's private.


Lewis University is best known for there aviation and nursing program.


My school is best known for its Aviation program. Also, Lewis University is known for its generosity in faith and support to its community and students.


Lewis University is best known for their Aviation program.


Probably the same thing that I brag about them for. Their willingness to help out and make sure the students are succeeding.


It is best known for being an excellent commuter university with everything you could want or need.


Lewis University is known for Aviation.


Lewis is well known in this area for their Aviation and Nursing programs.


we are known for hte small campus, avaitaion, nursing, education, and volleyball.


Aviation, Nursing.


My school is most known for it's aviation program as well as it's nursing prgram.

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