Lewis University Top Questions

Describe your school to someone who's never heard of it.


I would simply have to tell someone who had never heard of Lewis that it is a very warm, welcoming, and impressively growing school. With our strong Lasallian foundation, knowledgeable teachers, average-sized campus and student numbers, we are a school of a well-rounded nature that is continuing to improve. From the newly built Science building addition to numerous awards and ever-enhancing changes going on at Lewis, scarcely a day passes by in which Lewis is not bettering itself or welcoming more students, success stories, and career opportunities. I am very proud to be a student at Lewis University, and would certainly describe it as a school that is culturally diverse and a solid choice for nearly all students. From our different Greek life organizations to our skilled athletic teams and fun clubs, there is something for every student of every culture or passion. From our critically acclaimed Newspaper to nationally ranked volleyball team, Lewis is certainly going places.

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