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fast track program let me work fulltime and go to school


The university I go to is private, non-profit and was built on Lasallian morals. The students, professors and everyone else around Lewis University are friendly, caring, open-minded, grateful and strong. Due to Lewis University's smaller campus, you run into people more often and we have a stronger awareness about what our campus needs to ensure safety and enjoyment. We award many of our students for their accomplishments, no one goes unnoticed. All students are allowed to contribute to any organization, our paper, etc. We are a giving community as well as a giving university.


Overall, I love Lewis University. I feel that as a junior I have already begun to have a great experience there, and I look forward to my upcoming years. I feel that the friends I have made, the experiences I have encountered as a student and growing adult in college, and the courses I have taken have provided me with the tools and resources I need to become a successful English teacher. People who come to Lewis will certainly receive a quality education and positive life experience.


What is unique about my school compared to others is that it is in close proximity to where I live. It saves on having to purchase additional money for gasoline.


Lewis allowed me to live at home while still attending a four year university. This helped cut the cost of school this year because I did not have to pay for room and board. The campus is at a very convenient location for students that are considering a commuter college.


I'm actually a transfer student from Dominican University, and what I find unique about this campus is that the teachers are actually willing to help you. They want to see you succeed, so they try and help out as much as they possibly can. They are understandable as well, if you're ill or some other difficulty arises, if you just tell them as soon as it happens they will be more understanding.


I would have to say the two most unique features of Lewis University, compared to the other schools I considered is that one, it is a commuter school. Second, the classes are very small, which I love. Class size ranges from 15 to 25 students.


What makes Lewis unique is that the majority of classrooms allow you to not only get to know the students you sit next to every day, but you can also get to know the teachers. You are able to rely on them to help you with a problem you are having on homework or to be understanding if there is a struggling situation at home. The campus is very beautiful and small. It is very friendly. If you pass someone more than once you will soon find yourself smiling and saying hi and they will respond.


Lewis University pushes you to succeed in all fields of study. We have many programs including ROTC so you are going to find something you are interested in. We have four places to buy food so there wont be long lines in one cafeteria and there is also a C- Store where we can purchase food in bags and store it in the fridge or cubby.


I have not yet attended Lewis University, but I actually went to an open house and enjoyed the visit. The school has great diversity and has an advantage of being a small school. There will be more one on one with teachers. They also have a variety of options of different undergraduate majors and areas of study. There are also many different activities students can join, for example, the Latin American Student Organization. Another aspect that makes Lewis University unique is being a well known Catholic school. I will be able to value my church and develop my faith.


My school offers the Healthcare Leadership program which is not found everywhere. I also like the flexibility of being able to choose the campus you would like to attend. You don't find that at most schools.


My school is a small school that feels like a family. Many students get to know eachother more personally, both commuters and residents alike. Teachers and students also get to interact more and know more about eachtother that helps the student when they need help. This also helps the teacher see how well they are prepapring their students for the future


I chose Lewis University over the other schools I applied to because of the major I chose. I am perusing a degree in Broadcast Journalism, and Lewis has one of the best programs. As a first semester freshman, I have already taken an Introduction to Radio class where I learned to develop, produce, and host my own weekly radio show. I also learned how to import music to our collection, promote the station, run the board for sporting events, and create liners and other production elements. It was a fun class and I feel prepared to take the next step.


Lewis University is a smaller school than the other schools I considered which is a good thing.


Lewis University is unique because it is more culturally diverse than other schools I considered. For example, there are 166 Asian students currently at Lewis University. Another way that this school is unique is that it has a variety of extracirricular activities. There are a number of clubs and organizations that students can join. Some of these include Psychology Club, and Pre-Law Club. Finally, this university is unique due to the fact that the General Education requirements are different. For Instance, Lewis University has Ministry General Education requiremnts. These courses encourage community service, cultural diversity, and religious knowledge.


Lewis university offered a direct plan for me to become an air traffic controller. the school i selected was near my home and was perfect for me.


Since I'm a theatre major, I really looked at the difference in the theatre departments and the stages that they have. When I first walked into the Philip Lynch Theatre, I was excited to see how intimate the space was and the beauty and the theatre itself. I was so breathe taken by the performance and the professional status of the theatre that I only knew that I HAD to perform on that stage. It seemed as if it was calling my name and that it was my destiny to go to this school and perform on that stage.


The great opportunity to travel and be involved in the community no matter what year or major you are.


It's small, only about 30-35 students per class.


This school is very focused on students. Each student here has alot of resources available to allow him/her to succeed. The professors are very helpful and eager to help each individual student.


It has a religious aspect to it, which is something I love. It is also very small comparred to the other schools that I applied to. It's easy to get from one place to another on campus. :)


Lewis University is very unique because it is one of the most diverse colleges that I considered attending. Also, because Lewis is extremely small it resembles a small town where everyone knows everyone.


Lewis is very unique because of the teacher student relationship you build. All of your teachers will know your name and major by the second week of school and will help you succeed in the class and after graduating. The campus is always in tip top shape. No matter what there is always a tutor for whatever class you need help with around the clock. Even the President of the school walks arounds everyday and donates to organizations and talks to students. Lewis is a home for students away from home.


Lewis is very small and close knit. That feeling of community is greatly emphasized. It is also very diverse for being so small.


It has a small classroom enviornment and free washer and dryers!


I believe that our values, diversity in cultures, and resource we have here at Lewis are unique compare to major state university. Here at Lewis professors know their students by their name not by a number. All student here are allowed in one way or another to get involved with actives in and outside of school. Also, our school president is very involved with all of the students. Not many students can say that they have never talked nor seen our president, brother James.


Lewis University is a sanctified zone, has an airport on campus and has an incredible psychology department. It is also much smaller than other schools I considered, it is also Catholic which is very important to me. Religion has been a mojor part of my life, and Lewis has helped me continue my Catholic tradition.


My school is unique because it is small and everything is close together. It is a beautiful campus and not dirty at all. The classrooms are all about one on one work. Your not stuck in a class with over a hundred students. It is easier to learn and get great grades.


We have one of the most beautiful campuses around. When a tree has to be torn down, there is typically another one planted in its place somewhere on campus. Everyone has their own advisor who is readily available and usually belongs to the department that student wants to major in. Even if you do not know your major, there is still an advisor available. If you are not completely satisfied with your advisor, you are given the option to change. All of the staff at Lewis University are very friendly.


it's close to my home


Lewis is small, welcoming community, located outside of the city but still has city access, and is not located too far from home.


The Christian Brothers are a great part of our school. Anyone who gets an opportunity to learn from them is a lucky student.


My school is unique because of the small class sizes, they are perfect for having a personal one on one relationship with the professers.


Lewis University offers one of the best teacher education programs of all the schools I considered. There is a 97% percent career placement rate for those that graduate from the College of Education at Lewis. The class sizes are small, and the professors know you by name. Although the school is on the expensive side, you get a real quality education, and you feel like an actual student and not just a number. The campus is located close to where I live, and the campus is aesthetically pleasing, and easy to navigate.


It is a Christian school, which I was skeptical about at first. However, the school is very accepting to diversity among ethnical and religious background because of this. The school focuses a lot on moral principals, ethical values, and social acceptance, and most of the general education courses are geared to include this in the curriculum. I believe this allows students to leave Lewis University with more than an academic education, but also a moral one.


My school is quite small compared to the other schools I applied. Other than the eerie isolation I sometimes feel, I do enjoy this aspect. The attention I am able to receive from the professors and faculty has been a great benefit. I believe in healthy competition in many aspects of life, but I do not feel that one should have to compete simply to receive assistance.


The class sizes at Lewis University are smaller, so there is more one-on-one time that you get compared to a larger University.


it is a small community that focuses on every kids learning needs and variety of methods are used to accomodate everyones learning style. teachers here at the school will remember your name and you feel important even after the semester is over and when a teacher is still able to recognize you and your name :)


I would reccomend Lewis to anyone. Living on campus of course is always the best choice. You only get to go through college once. I've only been there a year and have made so many memories and friends that I know will last a long time.


It's a very safe school, hardly any crime whatsoever. It's more os a community. Everyone talks to you!


The campus seemed much more friendly, cozy and less industrial than other campuses I visited. It's gorgeous in all seasons and gives a sense of a small community instead of an anonymous, urban environment.


The campus is absolutely beautiful. You are able to have personal relationships with your professors. I have had several classes with only 3-15 students in them.


Lewis is a Lasallian University. Expressing the ideas and teachings of St. John Baptist De LaSalle is always among us.

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