Lewis University Top Questions

Tell us about the sports scene on campus.


Sports play a very important role on campus at Lewis University. Quite a few students are athletes, and enjoy demonstrating their athletic skill on the field or court in addition to their work in the classroom.Lewis is primarily known for our Boys' Volleyball and Girls' Softball team; the Volleyball team in particular is nationally ranked. Yet all Boys and Girls' sports are well-received at Lewis, and it becomes even better when Lewis students often come to cheer for their friends at home games. For those interested in athletics but perhaps not skilled or daring enough to try out for an official team, intramural sports are another fun and still competitive part of campus athletic life. From sand volleyball to soccer to badminton, a variety of sports are available for all to join and sign up. While they may not often be considered as important as the academic aspect of Lewis, sports are nonetheless an in integral and fun part of the university.

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