Lewis University Top Questions

Tell us about your professors.


The professors at Lewis are excellent. Their greatest attribute is likely their interest in seeing their students succeed. Nearly all of the professors that I have had during my college experience have been friendly, inviting, knowledgeable, and most definitely willing to do what they can to help their students achieve in their classes. I have personally met with teachrs outside of class and even gone for extra help, and they have always been accommodating and desiring to assist. While the courses themselves can be challenging, most professors truly do provide you with the academic resources and support you need (such as library time, online tools, or accommodations) to do well in that particular class. Perhaps most importantly, the professors at Lewis are not just interested in focusing on the content. While the material of the class is of course important, in my experience the teachers also do an excellent job of making sure what they teach is applicable to real life. They help connect the concepts instructed in a particular course to potential career fields, which helps students really learn and eventually relate that learning when pursuing a future job.

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