Lewis University Top Questions

What are the most popular classes offered?


The most popular classes offered at Lewis all depend on one's major. For general education classes, a lot of people love to take Introduction to Philosophy and Communications in particular. Not only do these classes provide students with a great opportunity to express their opinions and converse with their fellow peers, but they also serve as solid learning experiences to practice forming an argument (which can of course be used during interview and real-life experiences). In Introduction to Philosophy, students practice yoga and relate that to the ideas of philosophy, and in Communications can give commercials, try to sell ideas, and just have a blast learning how to prepare solid presentations. Also, ICE class (Introduction to College Experience), which is taken freshman year, is a great way for students to discuss with others and a teacher about their initial experiences as a college student. People can share fun stories, helpful tips, and other aspects of the college life to help everyone acclimate to the college experience.

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