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What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


small class sizes


Lewis University was a great school to receive my college education. My classes were mostly small in number, so the education I received was more personal and direct than if the classes had been larger. The professors got to know the students, and were always available to help. It was very easy and highly encouraged to get involved in extracurricular activities. The president of Lewis Universtiy, Br. James, was instrumental in enabling the school to expand and grow in academic opportunities, in reputation, and in campus size. It was an amazing experience that I will always treasure.


The campus has amazing views and a very comfortable feel. You can be yourself here and there are plenty of ways to get involved and be interactive on and off campus. It is very easy to make friends and be accepted. The teachers are there to help you and willing to make meeting times with you and help in any way they can.


When I tell people about Lewis I usually tell them about all of the opertunities that Lewis has to offer. I also tell them about Koinonia, which is a weekend retreat that helps the retreatents discover God, themselves and others. There is free time and is really relaxing. I would also tell them about all of the opertunities that Lewis has to offer! There are many friendly people here and it is an all around beautiful campus. If I had to choose, again, what school to attend for college I would choose Lewis University hands down.


I love that my classes are really small, and my professors actually know my name and a little about me. Coming from a public high school, I also love that the campus is beautifully decorated for the Christmas season. It's the small things that you notice and trully appreciate.


I am an education major at Lewis Univeristy and we have opportunities to actually go into a real school setting before we student teach. We enter an elementary, middle, or high school to see how they learn, interact with each other, and see how professional teachers teach. My friends, in other schools, that are education majors, do not get the same opportunity as me.


Living on campus, and their aviation department.


I brag about the programs that are offered and the range of courses involved in said programs at my university. I also tend to talk about all the wonderful teachers that I've had while attending Lewis University. Also, I have a job on campus, so I tell people that they offer great work-study programs. Of course, I personally value the proximity of the college to my home, so I tell my friends that this is a strong point of Lewis University.


When I brag to my friends about my school it is about my achievements through extracurricular groups and the interesting classes I take. I am especially proud of my achievements on the Mock Trial team and the challenging studies that my teachers put me through in order to help me achieve my goal of becoming a law enforcement officer and lawyer.


That there are small class sizes. the professors care about the students progression, and you will honestly not find another school with professors as great as these. Also, Lewis has an amazing center offering tutoring, and job placement skills that help you once you graduate.


I tend to brag about the small class sizes, how helpful everyone seems so be and how lovely the campus is.


I always tell people that the campus itself is really nice and that my university offers a lot for its students, such as great extracurricular activities, a good selection of food throughout the day, and other things that really make me feel like I am getting my money's worth by coming here


There is too many different things to brag about. The campus is great, the sport teams are outstanding, the teachers are really informational and know what they are doing. The campus is close to where I live and this makes Lewis the perfect university for me.


I brag about the prestige of Lewis University. It's similar to telling someone you drive a Mercedes. I say "I attend Lewis" and people are like '"WOW!".


I would brag the most about the atmosphere at the University. Everyone is very friendly and they are very helpful. The classes are small and the teachers are great. Lewis University is a great private school.


The most thing I brag about the most is how excellent the programs that my major, Multimedia Production, offers. My teachers are very involved with the students that are committed to the program. They focus a lot on the students, and have a lot of background with journalism as well as the multimedia industry.


What I brag about the most when I tell my friends about my school is that they have a great nursing program with a 100% passing rate and it's also known for one of the best aviation programs in the state.


Since I'm a stay-at-home mom returning to school I appreciate Lewis University's accelerated adult program, which provides flexible scheduling, online and evening classes to accomodate working adults. This gives me the needed flexibility to complete my degree while maintaining my personal obligations.


I tell them that Lewis University is well known for their excellent aviation and nursing programs. Also their nursing program had an 100% passing rating on the Nursing boards last year. The school is challenging, but the teachers truly care about how well you do and help guide you to success.


I brag the most about the fact that Lewis has awesome athletic programs. With such a small school it feels really comforting to be surrounded by athelets all the time. Also, because Lewis offers so much in its athletics the Chicago Bears are considering moving their training camp to our campus, now thats definitely something to brag about.


I tell them how well Lewis' classes are well organized, and how everyone, including the teachers are willing to help you.


I commonly brag about how strong the nursing program is at Lewis. I explain that I have the privilege of receiving direct experience in my field at some of the most prestigious hospitals within the Chicagoland area. Regarding general education classes, Lewis ensures the success of its students by providing small classes and instructors that are willing to give personal instruction.


This school allows for me to become a better person through its friendliness and sense of belonging.


The main thing I brag about the most when I talk to them about my school would be that the campus is beautiful. The surrondings are nice and also that the classes are small and just right for me. It is a good environment very different from home and away from the drama and violence.


I mostly brag about the atmosphere at our school. Everywhere you go people speak, smile and welcome you. The school feels like one big family and I feel like after a couple of years here you would pratically know mor than half the school.


I brag about the people I am able to hang out with here. I found a strong core of friends that I have a great time with ver and over again.


Lewis University is a wonderful school. I constantly brag to my friends that I have an airport right on campus, and about how many activities Lewis offers to its students. A person at Lewis could never say that there is nothing to do and truely mean it. There are always events on campust occuring no matter what day of the week it is.


I brag most about to the others the fac that we our one very few schools to have its own airport right on campus. This is essential for my major, flight management.


Honestly I tell them how beautiful the campus is and also how much I love being there. Lewis University allows you to get so much one on one time with your professors. That's what I brag about most. The fact that the doctors there want you to succeed and will do whatever it takes to help you get there.


The nursing program is excellent here. Since there is such a shortage on nurses right now, the job outlook is also very good. The program is pretty intense but in the end it will be worth it.


I tell them that it is a friendly place to be at because the classes are small and that makes a better learning experience because there is a one on one learning with the teacher. Also you get to know your classmates and that helps because you can work with other people and get help from someone who might understand something that you might not understand. Also you get to know the people around you and might even become good friends even after the class is over.


My school has it's own runway and aviation department.


The things I brag about to my friends is that I have a small class setting, and everyday I get to meet new individuals from different cultural backgrounds. Lewis University has a beautiful campus, which encourages students to come out of their dorms and interact with others.

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