Lewis University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It is mostly a commuter school so its hard to make friends


The worst thing about my school, at least for me, is the lack of parking spaces. Being a commuter student (which is the majority of the student population) it frusterates me when im combating traffic in order to make it to campus on time and then am forced to part literally across campus from where i need to be. You would think that the administration would be actively working to add parking lots to allow for more students and convienence.


Since I transferred to Lewis I have found only two things I am even slightly dissatisfied with; One is that I have ten minutes to get to a class that is .6 miles from my other class. I wish that I had been given better assistance when selecting my classes. The other thing that slightly bothers me is that I have several professors that I cannot understand due to their heavy accents. I love that Lewis has a staff that is so diverse, but it is very difficult to learn when you cannot understand what you are being told.


There are not very many good food choices. I with there was more healthy options. I feel that other than nursing and aviations there are not many strong degree programs.


I like my university and do not see any negatives about it.


I consider my school a blessing. The worst thing that I can think of is that there should be more parkiing space available.




There are Catholic teaching Lasallian Brothers there who do not support the Catholic youth group. In order for the school to serve all the different types of students, it stifles the Catholic tradition and supports all that is opposite.


A student is only allowed to participate in 6 workshops during their entire undergraduate time at Lewis.


The worst thing about Lewis University is parking; students constently have to look for parking and wait around 15 minutes for a free space.


Lewis University is a great university to obtain a degree from. There is nothing that i find wrong with the learning environment.


The worst thing about Lewis University is that it does not have very many social activities. They do not offer very many clubs or activities because it is a small private school. So I find myself bored or studying all the time.


As a resident, I find that the worst thing about my school is the interaction with the girls in my dorm. I feel the resident advisors need to plan events that would bring the different cliches of girls together. This inturn would help the students become a community that helps eachother with homework or any social problems.


The worse thing about the school is that it is so small that everyone knows everyone. Your private business everyone is going to know it, because just like in high school people talk. So if you tell no one your business and keep it to yourself then you would not have a problem at Lewis University.


The worst thing about Lewis would be the worth of the finals. Many of the finals are cumulatative and worth alot of percentage points of the final grade that if you do well throughout the semester and some how do horrible on the final, it'll bring your grade down alot. The finals should be worth while, but not so much as the dramatically change grades.


I really don't think that there is anything wrong with it. They give us a lot of rules for us to follow but those rules keep us responsible so that we do better on our school work and so that we become better people. It shapes us into the people we will become. For instance, no drinking or drugs. Also, not being out passed a certain time. This helps us to get the rest we need to learn and so we can get our stuff done. It really is great to have those rules.


The worst thing about my school is that the professors aren't around often. This makes it difficult to ask for help in any given class.


I feel that the worse part of my school is the lack of social interaction between people. I transferred from the University of Illinois Chicago, a huge public school in the city, so the environment and atmosphere between there and Lewis University is so different. UIC also had a lot of commuters like Lewis, but I think the environment there was almost more commuter friendly. There were more lounges to relax, study, and meet people. At Lewis, the campus seems so empty after noon. I also haven't seen many things to get involved in besides fraternities/sororities.


I do not think there is really a bad thing about my school. I am a resident student so of course there are issues with dorm life, but those are usually minor and handled in a respectful manner with those who are involved. I do think some things should be made clearer at orientation; like that we need to call a ?courtesy line? for noise complaints. Even though it?s a small detail, things like that would make the transition to college life a bit easier.


I'm disappointed in University Ministry because for a group of Christian people, they are not very welcoming. I believe that as a Catholic University they should also be more willing to embrace Catholic teachings and Tradition.


I think the worst thing about my school is how hard of a time transfer students have adjusting. Since my school is so small, being a transfer student was not easy. Everyone already has their own friends and even when you try to be in clubs and organizations the clicks dont want to have you join their group. I was a transfer student myself and the only friends I found were commuters. I am only friends with a couple of residents-which I am myself.


The coffee is very bad


Some of the scientific equipment is outdated and some of the building are really old and need to be redone.


Finding the correct location or office that you are trying to reach.


Some students seem unmotivated


The worst thing about my school is the price. The school, although offering many scholarships and awards, still costs around $18,000. It is still hard to come up with up the extra money to pay for our school which costs over $30,000. I understand that every school has it's costs to go there, but this school being a private catholic institution raises the costs even more compared to public schools. I believe the school is an awesome place to grow, develop, and learn, but the price is very hard to get past.


No matter what school you choose to attend there is always going to be many projects and homework assigments. This is probably the worst thing about any school, not just Lewis. I don't believe its necessary to give out all this outside work when majority of our learning is in the classroom.


The professors tend to be more strict so you do not have as much freedom as you would at some colleges. Also I don't live on campu but I here that there is not much of a social world here.


The parking. Because there is not a lot of parking spots and its a small campus.


The worst thing about my school is there are not alot of variety of places to choose from to eat compared to other larger schools.


The fact that they make you take at least one theology course as a general education requirement. The reason why I don't like this is because I am an athiest, and those classes can be very boring.


I have a frequent concern about the amount of money needed to pay for my tuition.


I dont really find anything bad enough to write about. My school is small and offers alot of outside help if needed. plus you get plenty of one on one time with your teachers.


Not enough money goes into helping the flight students. The wireless internet is awful.


The worst thing about my school has to be the weekends. Everyone packs up and goes home, leaving the school empty. boring, and depressing.


The lack of interaction with other students. It is not so welcoming to transfer students.


I think the worst thing about my school, Lewis University, would be that there isn't much going on during the weekends on campus for the resident students.


The worst thing about my school is that some students take advantage of the freedom that comes from going to college.


Based on my experience at Lewis University so far this year i have not found anything that you would consider bad about the school. One thing that i wish was different was since we are a very small school a lot of kids go home on the weekends. I just believe when you go away to college you should live the life of a college student and stay here on campus if you are dorming. Besides that i do not have anything against my school or think that it is completely bad.


There is not much to do on the weekend. This school is more of a suitcase school than a resident school


The campus is beautiful, but if you want to go anywhere off campus you have to drive, nothing is within walking distance.


The worst thing about my school is that you can't walk to anything located off campus.


The lack of specific or specialized courses. The student body limits the school from providing really diverse and varied classes, especially in the fine arts.


There is not a lot to do on the weekends.


The thing I like least is how it is just jammed into Romeoville and there isn't a "college" feel to it. Outside of Lewis, it is just houses and a separate neighborhood with little to offer.


The worst thing about Lewis University has been the weekends every now and then. A large amount of students tend to go home on the weekends for various reasons so when a large amount of students go home the campus can seem like a ghost town. However, there's always a decent amount of students who don't leave campus for the weekends.


One of the most undesireable aspects of Lewis University is the occasional bad teacher. I've had a few classes with an "expert" teaching; someone with experience from the field. I think Lewis needs to take a closer look at some of these teachers and not just hire them for their expertise, but how well they can relay the message. Unfortunately, there were a few teachers in aviation that fell into this description. They knew their stuff, but couldn't teach it effectively.


The worst thing about my school is that some adviors are more informed then others so it's hard to get a specific answer at times.


The cost.....it is expensive!!


I took 2 prerequisites from the school that I felt were a waste of money on my part. I could have taken the same prerequisites at a community college for about 20% of the cost. I do not understand why it was mandatory to take these prerequisites at the school.

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