Lewis University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Motivated and career driven


The kind of person who should attend Lewis University is a student who is focused on academics and would benefit from the small class sizes. This is a place where the student has many opportunities to become involved in a variety of extra curricular activities; intramural sports, clubs, service opportunities. It is also a faith based community, allowing for the spiritual enrichment of the individual.


Someone who is willing to put their school work first and be focused on what they have to do to stay on top of their work load. Friends are important but will have a busy work load too. A person who is interested in getting involved in the campus life and activities at campus, there is also a wide variety of students there with different backgrounds and ethnicities that make everyone feel comfortable and accepted. They make the transition into college easy and ease your nerves by having orientations and exposing you to the college life early.


I believe that a person who is interested in receiving a solid education while becoming experienced in a friendly, supportive environment would find Lewis to be a great school to attend.


Lewis University is made for those who prefer a tight-knit group. With a small campus, class sizes are typically less in number which ensure for a student's relationship with a professor. The atmosphere at Lewis University is very accepting and friendly, therefore, those who seek to meet close friends should attend this school. Students at this school are also very involved in the many events hosted here, so it is a good school for those who enjoy socialization.


I encourage anyone to attend this school . People who are wanting to get an excellent education, though a bit pricy. It will benefit you in the long run. Someone who is head strong on learning and put forth the effort to get where they want to go. Also, alot of students who are interested in the Aviation field should really look into this school. There is also, a good nursing program here along with any other field of interest.


Someone who would be comfortable in a small school.


A person who likes close interaction with their teachers in a learning enviornment should attend Lewis University. Also a person who does well with smaller class sizes, which allows the teacher to know you at a more personal level. Students that should attend this school should be students who are ready to learn and go to class because participation is key in smaller classroom sizes. People who may need the extra help on classroom material should attend Lewis because the teacher's love to give extra help to their students to help them suceed in the class.


I think Lewis is a great school for someone who is looking for small classes. At Lewis you feel like you are known by your professors and and the other staff.


One trait required for a person attending Lewis University is to be conscientious. It is imperative at the college level to be hard-working in order to complete the required tasks. Also, someone who attends Lewis University accepts cultural diversity. This university has students from many different cultures. Therefore, it is important to understand other cultures in order to gain knowledge and ease communication between students. Furthermore, it is necessary for students attending this university is to help the community. Through different volunteer opportunities, people will have the opportunity to better the community by improving the school and society


Anybody can attend this school and feel welcomed and invited to be there. Lewis is a community that will except anyone to help them succeed in life and be who they want to be.


Someone who is bright and social who is ready to learn.


Someone who is focused and knows what they want to do they need to be hard working and dedicated. They need to know when is the time for work and when you really have to buckle down and work hard.


Someone who should attend this school should be willing to work hard and to be open to being surrounded by a diverse community. He/she should also be someone who prefers a smaller school. Religion is also very important at this school. Therefore, you should be open to learning more about religion or prefer to attend a school that encourages it.


In my perspective, the person that would fit in the best at Lewis is someone who likes personal attention in an academic setting. Being at a big school can really make someone feel like their educational journey is a lone endeavour. However, at Lewis everyone gets to establish a personal relationship with the professors so you never have to feel like there is no one to seek help from.


Persons that seek a natural and quite way of learning should attend this school. The environment is just right for those who want to build a bright future and expect success. Staff and faculty do make their best to help each single student throughout the journey. The school provides perfect environment for researches such as the library and a diverse environment with students from different cultures. It fits just perfect in my everyday life. I wish I could just keep on studying during my lifetime. :)


Lewis University is a smaller populated school in a suburb not too far from Chicago. It is in a centralized location for several etnicities to attend here. The type of student that should attend this school could be someone who wants to focus in a smaller environment with a more interacting relationship with the teacher, due to the small classroom sizes. Interacting with extracurricular activities is a must, because that is almost the only way to interact socially on campus since so many students commute, so friendliness is a much-needed characteristic quality.


Any type of person can attend this school as long as they are dedicated to their studies. There is a variety of students with different backgrounds, different personalities, and different goals that attend Lewis University.


Someone looking for an education, but doesn't want to be surrounded by over-achievers.


I think someone who's attending Lewis University should have a desire to expand their knowledge on not only their particular field of study, but also on various topics which are required to be taken such as: writing classes, public speaking, economics, and philosophy.


I'm not sure.


Someone who doesn't mind hanging out in the dorms and is willing to put in some work. Someone who can network or is willing to leanr how to network because the school is not good at helping to find jobs after graduation.


A person who likes a smaller, more structured school.


Anyone who wants to be a nurse, busness man , or something with avaition.


Easy going people who are interested in experiencing life away from home. No one who is overly into the partying scene because campus life is relatively chill and more focused on kids playing sports or doing other activities in the quad.


An individual who is self-motivated and enjoys having a personal relationship with one's professors. Lewis has a great nursing, athletic training, and biology department. It also has a strong psychology department, but offers very few opportunities for research.


Lewis is a great place to be if you don't mind small classes and professors who actually know their students' names. The small atmosphere is friendly, but since it is a commuter school, alot of the students go home on the weekends and alot of the services on campus are closed. Most of the students at Lewis are serious about their education and happy to be a part of the Lewis community.

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