Lewis University Top Questions

What's the Greek scene like?


The Greek scene at Lewis is an important part of campus life. While it may not be the most influential aspect of Lewis' student community, the different types of Greek life available allow for fraternities and sororities for a variety of students to pursue if they are interested. While Lewis does not have any separate chapter houses, Greek life pledges and meetings still meet very often and have their own chapters and gatherings throughout the semester. Oftentimes students who join in Greek life make great friends for life through the organization. Partying is of course a well-known aspect, but it does not dominate Greek life at Lewis; students can participate in a variety of constructive and positive activities, from fundraisers to fun social events. Personally, I participate in Sigma Tau Delta, the National English Honor Society, and Delta Epsilon Sigma, the National Catholic Honor Society. For high-achieving students or those interested in a more academic aspect to the Greek scene, these and other Greek organizations are also great options for students to consider taking a look into.

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