Lewis University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


to go out of your comfort zone


Before coming to Lewis University, I wish that I would have been more organized and would have learned how to manage my time in high school. I learned this the hard way once I started having a lot of homework in my classes and realizing I had little time to complete my assignments. The reason I had little time was because I was somewhat unorganized and I didn’t manage my time well. If I would have known how to do these two things before, the first few months of college would have been less stressful.


Nothing. I did extensive research on the things that Lewis doesn't have and what it has to offer.


I wish I had known more about the layout of the campus and what the school has to offer.


Make sure that you have a dependable method of transportation.


I wish I had known to check my student email accounts every day and before school started so I was aware of any changes for classrooms and/or homework


I wish I had known how nice everyone was going to be and how helpful and supportive the teachers are. I also wish I had known just how far apart classes where so that I would not have sent my time sprinting between class.


I wish I knew that I could write in my textbooks my freshman year. When I read texts, I like to write little notes on the side to remind myself about a paragraph I had read. Writing on the page, next to the text, helps me understand and remember what I read better, especially in school textbooks.


I would have liked to know more about their class offerings. In my situation being a transfer student from a large school to a smaller school I did not understand what classes were being provided to students to choose from. I learned from trying to create my schedule that they do not offer some classes every semester, year, or even two years, which is how most smaller schools are ran. Therefore, I had a hard time creating my schedule and trying to fit in the classes i needed for my major.


I wish I had known that I would become who I am today because of this school. Before coming to this university I was close-minded and introverted. Now I am open minded for many things, I have friends for life and love, and a passion to excel in Mock Trial, something I have never done before.


Before attending Lewis University, I wish I would have known what the exams would have been like. In my opinion, high school exams are slightly easier than college exams. The exams that are provided in college consist of more in-depth questions, whereas high school exams get right to the point.


Before coming to Lewis University, the admissistration provided the incoming freshman with an orentation weekend. There they gave the new students background about the school, the admissistration, campus life, and many other inportant features of Lewis. I feel that one main improvement that could have been made before I came, was for more information to be given about campus policy and ways to recive academic help if needed. This would gaurnetee that if I was struggling my first year, that the school would still support me.


I wish I would have known that I had to come to the arts and ideas programs. I am a commuter so it is very hard for me. I also wish I knew that it was a long drive there to where I live now. I should of stayed on campus.


Before coming to Lewis University, I wish I would have known about more ways to receive financial aid and scholarships.


I would have wanted to remember where every building was located so I could navigate my way around campus easier and I would have wanted to find out where I was going to live on campus earlier than I did


I wish I had known that even though the finacial aid here is abundent, it still has a hard time covering the costs of the school. With this school being a private catholic institution, there are many other costs beyond just what tuition requires. Room and board, parking permits, lab fees, books, and many other things at this school can cause many financial headaches for students. I wish that I had known that the school would require so many additional payments for miscellaneous actions. We pay enough with tuition, to have to pay to park is ridiculous.


The prerequistes to many of the courses I'm enrolled in now.


The social life is not what I expected. There are lots of commuters so the weekends aren't as fun. There should be more people from out of state and more food choices on campus. Campus needs more variety of sports (i.e. a football team).


The one thing I wish I had known before applying to this school was how there were limited spots open in their nursing program. Since I transferred to Lewis, there were certain classes that had to be fulfilled at the actual university and nowhere else before starting the nursing courses. I was taken by surprise because i had fufilled all my prerequisites and that I wanted to start the program right away, but I was delayed by one semester.


That they had an athletic training program.


I wish I would have known that they continue to enroll students but they do not accomodate as far as facilities go. I wish I would have known that the dorms are not very sound proof. I wish I would have known that my sport is not given the same benefits that other sports that go to my school receieve.


Before I started at Lewis University, I wished I had known that I needed to change my study habits. My study habits from high school were horrible, but it worked for me then and I believed that they would work for me in college, as well. However, my old habits would have set me up for failure if I had continued with them, which was a lesson I had to learn the hard way. So it definitely would have been nice if i knew this before.


I wish I had known a little more about the transfer process. I came from a junior college and felt lost when I entered Lewis. I wish there were more resources that helped with the transfer process. I am an adult student, over thirty, work and have a family I am excited about being in an education environment but I wish I would have known most school activities would take place during the week in the middle of the day. I am disappointed I am unable to participate more in school functions.


Internships that are provided for English majors


I wish I could of known more about their majors and minors.


I am currently an aviation major. Before I came to Lewis I wish I would have known more about the preperation I could have done with my pilots liscense. I could have came into school as an Avaition Management student and worked on my pilot's ratings at another airport and saved thousands of dollars.


I wish that I would have known how college classes were conducted and what the professors were like. Although I did not have any trouble making the transition, it would have helped me in the beginning if I would have already had a feel for what my classes were going to be like.


The amount of free stuff (apparel, food, etc) you get.


I wish I knew about all the clubs available and how to manage my class schedule to make it easier to graduate on-time.


I wish I would have known that there are always Lewis University vehicles parked on the side of the drive in the morning. These vehicles are always in the way when traffic is the heaviest and you have to weave around them with people walking acroos the roads to, so it is not safe.






I wish that i knw how teh campus was during the weekends.


I wish i had already become a private pilot. It would have made my freshman year a little easier, and it would have saved me a lot of money. i also wish i had known how much it was gonna cost to become a pilot. The advisors here sugar coat the costs of flying to attract students here. They dont tell us the real costs of the average student, they just give us the very unrealistic best case scenario.

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