Lewis University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Lewis University was the feeling of belonging that I had never experienced before at other schools - the fellowship of students and faculty. The professors got to know the students and vice versa. The president of the universtiy remembered students' names, and was always happy to talk with any of them that he met. The professors were happy to write recommendations and keep in touch with students after graduation. It was easy for students to network with each other and get involved in group activities.


The best thing about Lewis University is the atmosphere. Although Lewis Unverisity isn't such a large university where the whole city is considered a college city, its main campus is encompassed by so much passion and unity. Each person excels in their own way and demonstrates their beliefs, dreams and goals throughout their time at Lewis. No one holds another back at Lewis. Counselors, professors, other students or anyone else will only help you out to achieve your goals. Lewis makes me feel like I can achieve anything.


The nursing program and the student life. The faculty in the nursing program is very enthusiastic, knowledgable, and supportive. The student life is very involved and fosters a community for undergrads and grads to participate in.


What is most unique about Lewis is the great diversity there. From numerous student clubs, activities, and athletics, students can always find a social niche to get involved in and meet other new college students. There is a great sense of ever-present cultural diversity, and international students to new English speakers can always find a welcome home and academic acceptance from Lewis University. Furthermore, from another cultural diversity standpoint, Lewis is a Sanctified Zone -- this simply means that, in accordance with its Catholic roots and tolerant atmosphere, our school acknowledges and welcomes people of diverse races, cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs equally. Lewis University is truly a place where there are no cliques or social stigmas; nearly everyone gets along well with everyone, and the students support each other in their different fields to succeed.


The best thing about Lewis University would have to be how helpful the professors are if I need it.


The individual attention that students recieve from their professors. None of the classes are taught by teacher's assistants or graduate students. The professors are always available to help their students and even give students their home and cell phone numbers to contact them outside of class.


The best thing about my school is that it really cares about there students and that the student do well in every class to become what they have started to major in when they grow up. If we forget to do something or even apply for stuff that is important to us they always remind us about deadlines to help us be successful in life.


Flexibility, because they offer classes at different times that can work around students daily life.


The best thing about my school is it's size. It's not too big, but it's also not too small. It creates a very personal and comforable enviorment which promotes better learning.


Lewis University is a small school with a beautiful campus! What I like most about it is the friendly atmosphere. I've been able to meet tons of new friends and build relationships that will last the rest of my life! Lewis also has a wonderful teaching staff, I feel that the professors I've had truely know me and that they are willing to help my on my journey to graduate! Lewis University has provided me with a quality academic and social atmosphere for learning!


I believe that Lewis University is a great school. It is a small school, where everyone knows everyone. It has a great staff where they want to see you make something out of your life. The classes will be hard like at any college, but the staff will help you with the work if you ask. In the classroom there is no more then thirty people in the class. You can get one on one help with the teacher and your classmates can help you also.


At Lewis, the teachers are always available for extra help if you need it and they're really passionate about their job. Also, the class sizes are small so it allows for extra interaction with instructors.


Lewis University helped me to transition myself from high school to college. They accomplished this through welcome days when only freshman were on campus and were able to interact with people in thier class. On these days they also had volunteer projects that the school was not focused only on academics or athletics but also on the community. Those days will help me better acquaint myself with others and will help me be a well-rounded individual.


There are several things good about Lewis University. My favorite is the friendly people on campus who are there to help, complete strangers who share the same goal as you do. This same goal is to get the best education avialiable. I like the friendly people because it helps to gel the college expieriece. As a freshman I didnt know many people, I was far away from home, and I didnt know the area. But the friendlyness of the people made it easy to solve these problems that most freshman struggle with.


The school is a very small one with a cozy campus which allows everyone to get chances to meet one another and get close to one's fellow students. It is hard to get lost and easy to make friends in this small location.


I love how the professors are willing to work with you. They give you their office numbers, house numbers and cell phone numbers. The professors are very nice, understanding and flexible. I do not think I could find professors like these anywhere else. The students who attend Lewis are alos extremely polite and always have a smile on their face.


This school is focused 100% on education. Teachers and students are completely devoted to learning. I think the small, private campus has something to do with that. I love the housing, too.


The best thing I consider about my school is the faculty. The teachers are very direct and keep the subjects very interesting. They are willing to help and have a center, LARC center, that allows you to get free tutoring services in the subjects you may struggle with. They are very personable and allow you to contact them at anytime, via email, if there are any questions or concerns about an assignment or exam.


Just the right size; enough to receive the right attention from proffesors.


The best thing about Lewis Universtiy is that the professors really care about the students because they take so much time to assist them in their learning.


The teachers at Lewis University know me by my name because the maxinmum class size is not as big if I were to attend a public University.


small classes


One of the best things about my school is it's diversity in events. There are tons of events going on every week, from multicutural feasts to a sport game or plays. I definitely believe your study work should be your most important priority, but you need time for yourself and for your friends once in awhile. At Lewis University you have a lot of activities to pick from.


What I love and consider the best thing about Lewis University are the fellow students I interact with inside and outside of the classroom. Students, whether they commute or live on campus, are so friendly and are easy to strike up a conversation with. We all look out for one another, whether its by opening doors or by helping with homework. The upper classmen deffinitly have helped me personally by giving wonderful advice about college and on how to balance everything.


I believe the best thing about my school is the low student to teacher ratio. This provides optimal opportunity for the teacher and student to develop a better relationship. This allows the student to approach the teacher about any problems easier and also allows the teacher to actually remember who the student is. It is easier to receive help from the teacher because the teacher has enough time to help every student that is struggling.


I love the location and the variety of degrees offered in their adult accelerated program.


The mid-size classes and campus. Being able to have a close relationship with my teachers. Also being far enough from home which I am still able to go home on the weekends if I want.


Lewis University's flight management program is extremely well developed. As a flight student, the best thing about Lewis University is the proffesional's from aviation industry working at the school. For our metereology course, we have a real weather man, who is still broadcasted on the Chicago new's, teaching the course. Many of the aviation professors have been in the aviation industry in the past or are still currently employed outside the school, working for aviation companies. Their experience allows the theoretical knowledge from textbooks to be better applied in classrooms to further enhance our understanding.


The best thing about this school for me is the small class sizes. I am a person who needs more one on one attention and so having small classes, allows me to have a closer relationship with my teachers. It also gives me an identity rather than a number to my teachers, which I find extremely important being a future educator and understanding the learning process.


I could live at my mom's house and commute to school and work


I think that the landscaping is excelent, i always see people working on it.


The best thing about my school is the small class sizes. It really helps me learn and get lots of information out of my professors. Also, the Greek system is amazing here and I found an amazing family from it.


I would say the teachers . Always available for help I mean there are the select few but most are great and helpful.


If you want a very career-focused learning environment Lewis is a great school. All of my professors in aviation worked in the field for many years and a lot of the learning comes from first-hand stories. Lewis owns an old United Airlines 737 and a fleet of Cessna aircraft. It is not a huge party school which is good because there is no pressure to drink and there are fewer distractions to take away from classwork. Lewis is a great school if you like Church/youth group activities. The food is great and the dorms are really nice.


I really enjoy the campus and the teachers because the teachers are willing to help a student when needed.


I love that Lewis is a small school because I like that my teachers know who I am and want to help me succeed. I like that Lewis isn't located in a big city, but that everything or anywhere you would need to go is close to campus. Chicago is only a short trip away (30-45 mins if no traffic) and since Lewis is a commuter school, only about 1000 students actually live on campus. I like that because the resident students tend to know a lot of people and make really good friends.

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