Lewis University Top Questions

Where is the best place to get work done on campus?


In my personal opinion, the greatest place to get work done on campus would certainly be the Lewis University library. It is truly an outstanding resources for college students to take advantage of and succeed in their classes through study and work time. The Lewis library is open seven days a week with very generous hours (normally around eight in the morning to ten at night), and can thus fit almost anyone's busy schedule. In fact, during the last two weeks of the semesters before finals, the library is open 24 hours a day for all those "cram" sessions! In addition, the librarians are extremely friendly and always available to assist students in finding academic articles or any other educational resources they may require. The library itself is very spacious, with numerous computers for students to use. Students can take advantage of the free internet access, accessibility of academic resources like EBSCO or Academic Search Complete, and similar useful sites. Lewis also offers for each of its individual students 300 pages of free printing, which is often more than enough (and more than most schools provide). Lastly, the library has convenient and roomy study rooms for people to have solid study sessions in isolation or with a group. The library, overall, is truly a great place to succeed in school and get all of one's school work done.

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