Lexington Healing Arts Academy Top Questions

What should every freshman at Lexington Healing Arts Academy know before they start?


Going back in time I would tell myself to not give up on school and keep trying and apply myself much more then I did. I would tell my self how important it is to keep up the good grades and how important applying myself is. Knowing how much scholarships would help and how easy they are to apply I would make my past self sit down and apply to as many as I could. Grades and scholarships arent the only advice I would give. I would explain how different college is from high school and tips on how to handle the transition between the two. Tips such as finsing a good plae to sit down and do homework. Also I would talk about how everything would be on my shoulders and just mine. Talk about how everything is on me and no one is there to make sure I wake up in time or to make sure my homework is done or that I go to class. I would just remind myself how much money is on the line and how important college is for my future.


Study hard! It may be alot of material all at once, but it will be worth it in the end. Pay attetion to your teachers they are there to help. Tutoring does not mean you are not smart but it dose give you a boost in your gpa. Always ask questions. I know it sounds cliche but there is never a stupid question. Make friends because most of the people you are in school with are going through the same frustrations. Don't give up. Its hard yes but in time you will see that having an education is a very important part of your life one that will help you through the tough times. most of all have fun!