LIM College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Person who lacks motivation, unable to concentrate and lazy. These are the qualities of a person who shouldn't attend school. LIM expects their student body to participate in the work field before graduating!


Anyone who doesn't take fashion as a serious business should not attend LIM College. Though the school is a fashion school, it's also a business school and the classes aren't all about styling and writing for fashion magazines. If you aren't prepared to do a lot of math and computer work, this school isn't for you. Also, anyone who doesn't know who doesn't know how to correctly pronounce Rodarte, should forget about attending LIM College because fashion is our business.


Someone who has no interest in fashion shouldn't attend this school.


Must be interested/looking to go into the fashion industry, someone who is looking to make good friends (majority of people commute), helpful in projects and classes if you are creative and artistic