LIM College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider the professors the best thing about my school because they are very knowledgable about the industry and are currently owrking in the industry. Also, most of the professors are very engaging in their teachings and make the lessons interesting.


It is easy to get good grades at LIM College.


The best thing about LIM College is that we have so many events with industry professionals and we get to learn how to newtwork which prepares us for the business world. Also everyone commutes in some way shape or form, even if you live on campus, it teaches you a lot!


The best thing about LIM would have to be the environment. All of us students are taught from industry professionals how to work under various situations. LIM students are always eager to lend a helping hand and encourage fellow classmates in participating in school activities and programs. Our college exerience is that of a family striving towards success.


the internship opportunitys


Career Services. By the time we graduate, we will have already had three full internships in the fashion industry. Our school has amazing internship and job opportunities available to students.