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Limestone College

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What kind of person should attend this school?

Any person that would like to attend Limestone College should be serious about their academics. Limestone College is a small college, therefore anyone interested in small classes with one -on-one time with teachers should attend this school. There is plenty of time to receive and extra help if needed as the professors are always there for you when they are needed. There are always many campus activities at Limestone so a social person who is very active would love to go to Limestone.

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There is no sterio-types to be found at Limestone. The only personal trait that should be required is dedication. Sure, there are other characteristics which would be desirable. Here positive traits are honed to be more effective, and lessly positive traits are re-molded.

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A person who wants to make something out of his/her life and wants a career not just a job and one that is driven to succeed.

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