Limestone College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Best known for it's dedication to it's students. There are a wide range of classes available, and Limestone College is extremely diverse. Known for zero tolerance for violence, horseplay, plagarism, cheating and bullying.


Adapting to all students with a program for everyone.


Limestone College is best known for its' personal approach towards learning. The teaching staff is on a first-name basis with their students. The education that one recieves in a classroom is personal as well as nurturing. Being a a private, and moderately populated college gives each and every student a greater chance with the teacher/student close approach philosophy. Whether athlete or non-athlete, all are students first.


The school reaches out and gives everyone an apportunity to get a college degree, by offering a wide amount of online classes and having extended campuses. I believe that limestone college is trying its hardest to get everyone, who wants to work for a degree, a degree.


Their high quality sports teams.

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