Limestone College Top Questions

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The classes are very small which allows you to develop a good relationship with you professors. This is really nice to have. Everyone knows everyone because the majority of the students are athletes, just over 80%. That is nice as well because you automatically have something in common with everyone.


I love that the professor really want their students to succeed and they are driven by technology; which I love.


This school is very small. Each building on campus is in walking distance of one another. Any day student that lives on campus who doesn't have access to a car wouldn't have a problem here. Students here are very accepting of all people from different backgrounds. Financial aid is easily accessible here. Everything about the students here is sports oriented. If you are a non-athletic student (like me) you dont really fit in but I found it easy to make friends. The classes overall arent terribly challenging, though dealines are very important and strict.

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