Limestone College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Most students here have described Limestone as an athletic academy. I personally played on the Soccer team for two seasons and was the biggest mistake of my life as the coach quickly cut out any progress I could have made on my own by keeping any new players he didn't think were good enough out of first team practices and limiting us to the space behind the goal for our practices giving us minimal equipment and blaming us for all our unhappiness. To this day none of the players are here that were here a year ago as we have all quit and gone to different schools. "Partying" in Gaffney is limited to a large group of people getting drunk at one time. There is almost no entertainment save a movie theater/ overpriced bowling alley that fits very few people and is the last place on your list of places to go. Just about everyone drinks with the exception of actual students that are limited to being bored day by day.

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