Limestone College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would give myself the advice of staying focused and constantly strive to make the good grades and good decisions because school is important and focuses on what your future will look like. It's important to create a great future for yourself!


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to be more focused on education rather than playing sports or hanging out with my friends. I would also tell myself that it may not seem like I will need some of this informaton but that I would learn a great deal. I would advise not just myself but my friends and siblings that education is of the utmost importance and that our parents were not lying just to get us to do our studies. History appeared to be one of those subjects that I did not feel I needed, but since going back to school, I regret having not taken it seriously. It is very informative and interesting. As for math classes, I would tell myself to ask more questions, ask for help and pay attention to the instruction that is being given. Lastly, I would tell myself to go to college after high school instead of joining the military just so I could be out on my own.


Well, I went straight into the military after high school so I did not put much thought into the college experience. Being here now I would tell myself that academics throughout high school really get you to where you want to be when you enter into college. In high school you have much more help from teachers and they like to take your hand and guide you. As for college the teachers will help to a certain extent but you are responsible for your own work.


College has provided experiences and oppurtunities that nothing else could offer. College has offered me the chance to meet new people, learn a variety of subjects and information, and helped me develop as a person. Financial issues had almost ended my college journey but I couldn't jeopardize the future possibilities that college would provide for me. Already, college has been valuable to attend because it has helped me get a job as a substitute teacher. I know finishing my education will only prove to be invaluable as time progresses.


Since beginning college, I have had the opportunity to experience different course that I did not realize would fascinate me. Because of the different classes I have been able to attend, I switched majors because I discovered an interest in psychological research. I wanted to be a teacher originally, and by following that path I reached another one that I find more fulfilling. I have met a diverse group of people and made friendships that I hope will last a lifetime. I think meeting people with different interests has helped me get a broader look at life and the world around me and I have learned to appreciate diversity. Professsors have impcted me and made me look at things from a different angle. Going to college is more than just getting an education with books, it is truly a learning experience with hands on experience.


While attending college at Limestone, I have received a wonderful experience of the campus and the people on it. My experience here has been okay. Most of the teachers are decent and the food is sometimes delicious. At times they have been slack and giving me a hard time. It has been valuable by being small. It's a great learning environment and has helped me to concentrate and study to make all A's which is what I always hoped for.


My college experience has opened up a whole new world, more like expanded my view. It has confirmed my purpose in life. It has also extended my respect for education. My major is nursing, i have always known that nursing would be a part of my life and after enrolling nursing just felt right. I truly love caring for people and learning how to better care for people, i want to make a difference not only in peoples lives but also in younger adults. Nursing school has given me an opportunity to explore what i love to do and also mentor younger adults to pursue their education. In conclusion, what i value from my college experience, is the opportunity to learn more about helping people, value of education and inspire younger adults to pursue a better future by pursuing education.


I have learned alot since i have been in college. It is a time for learning and having fun. After achieving my eagle scout over the summer i had to put alot of work and time into it but i got it done with flying colors. It is the same with college. if i put enough time into it and focous while having a job i can achieve many things in this life.


Education is very important for a person to grow. Constantly challenging yourself is a way to stay sharp. College is also a way for you to advance in your career or to gain an advanced career. Even if you are in a career you should continue education to continue to grow as a person.


It would be most excellent to travel back in time. I wish that I knew what I know know when I was younger. The one piece of advice that I would share with myself would be concerning procrastination. Just because you (me) fear graduating one year early does not mean that you do not need to be financially prepared when going in to college. There are so many oppurtunities to ease the financial stress of paying for college. So, get on it! Do not wait to ask for helpful scholarships you are elegible for. Now, go get to it!


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior I would definitely do it. The first thing I would tell myself to do is to become a very organised person because it is very important. My first semester of college was rough in the beginning because I was unorganized. I turned in many things after the due date because I never wrote down or remembered deadlines. If it were not for my english professor being such a nice person, and allowing me to turn in an extremely important essay a week and a half late, i would not have obtained my goal of finishing the semester with a 3.0 GPA. I believe that with organization i could have obtained above a 3.5 GPA because I would not have received points taken off for late work. Fortunately for me I learned the importance of organization before it was too late right before midterms.


I would tell myself that you need to stick with it and dont give up. My first year in college i decied to join a fraternity that didnt help with my studies. The other mistake i made was that i took a year off when i was going to be sophmore, because a got a job that i though was a good one. Well, the fraternity ended up getting disbanded and I ended up quiting my job, so i was back where i started when i graduated from high school just two years older. I would tell myself that just get though college, you can worry about haveing fun and working when you graduate, but untill then keep your eye on the prize and dont give up.


If I could go back to my senior year I would tell my self not to spend that check but to save it for later, because now I'm broke


I would tell myself to study more. Don't get to caught up in work. Your education is more important that this little part time job. Your school is way more important and will help you find a better job. You want always be at the job your at now.


When looking for a college look at many schools not just one. Also you need to visit each school. Look for a school that fits you don't choose one just because your parents want you to go there or someone in your family went there. Be You and make it your choice. If you know what you want to study compare the courses to other schools and see which one is better.


I would tell any parents/students to visit the campus and consult with both students and professors on activities that interest you.


Take a visit to several schools. Go to schools that are both big and small, therefore you can be sure to pick one that you like. Get involved with school activities as much as possible, whether it be sports, SGA, or another club. These extra activities help you meet people and keep you entertained and out of trouble. If you are at a larger school, finding a place you feel you fit in can be difficult. As a freshman, live on campus. Again, this helps you meet new people. Write everything down so you can stay ontop of assignments.


First know what kind of school you want, small or big. Then visit those schools and pick the one where you feel most at home. And the best advice to have the best college experience is to relax, have fun and try new things. Yes, it really is that simple. so stop stressing!


Choose a college that offers what you want pertaining to your studies and work hard, adhere or work beyond deadlines and above all, if you 're having problems let your professors know so you can get the help/direction you need to succeed in your studies.


Try to ask students what they feel about the school.


College can be a trying experience, but everything goes a lot smoother if you really enjoy your college.


My advice for students would be to pick a school that would really suit your needs. if you're used to being in a small school, starting off at a big university may not be helpful for the first year. Stay focused on school work and do not get so overwhelmed with all of the parties and activities on campus your first year. you have plenty of time to enjoy everything. Remember, School comes first!


Do not choose a college simply based on the size, the price, or even the location. Choose a college based on the amount of known successful jobs landed by its graduates. Think about how prestigious the school is, and how proud you would be to say that you graduated from there. Of course, also take into consideration the reputation of the degree program for your chosen major that the college/university offers. For example, I am an art major, there is not much here at Limestone for art majors. Also, think about the reputation of the school's students. Dont go to a well known "party school" because that is a major distraction from school work.

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