Lincoln Christian University Top Questions

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Lincoln Christian University is unique because it really is centered around Christ. Unlike other schools I looked at that had a Christian background, Lincoln really stood out above the rest.


My school is unique in that we are a Bible college and we put a heavy emphasis on spiritual growth and development. We have spiritual formation groups which meet once a week as a requirement and students and professors here actually care about our spiritual development. They take the time to pray for us and with us and they truly care about us.


Because this is a Christian school, professors are almost more concerned with spiritual health rather than academics. Also, Professors are very close to the students, students often hang out at some professors? houses and students are always able to talk to faculty and staff about more than classes.


More of a friendly environment but hardly any social life anymore.


This school is a Christian school, so everyone here are respectful of each other.


LCCS is unique because of its clear focus on Leadership, Discipleship, and Community. The faculty and staff are a close-knit community of Christians who are striving to live life to the fullest and have an impact on the world. This school is focused on training leaders to change the world. Some words to describe what a student will learn from attending the school: Leadership, Love, Service, Compassion for the world, A Strengthened faith, Analytical thinking, Perseverance. LCCS's mission is to nurture and equip Christians with a Biblical worldview to serve and lead in the church and the world.


At LCC, you are not just challenged intellectually, but spiritually as well.