Lincoln Christian University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Lincoln Christian University?


There is so much I love about Lincoln Christian University. The professors are absolutely brilliant and the students are so helpful and nice. I can honestly say that I have not met anyone here that I do not get along with. The work load here is challenging but there is a lot to learn and gain from an education here.


The closeness of all the students and the faculty.


We have awesome professors who will help you with anything. The classes are small enough that the professor knows who you are and it doesn't always have to be lectures.


When I brag about Lincoln Christian College and Seminary, I tell my friends about the amazing ways that LCCS has impacted my life. Being a student at LCCS has helped me learn so much. The teachers here are so caring and supportive, the students are friendly and encouraging, and I have learned more being at LCCS than I have in any other place. I love LCCS because it has brought me closer to God, teaching me so many new things that I couldnt even imagine. I feel wonderful at LCCS and it has completely changed my life.


The relationships I have with the people on my floor.