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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My advice I would have given myself is to know the best ways to purchase your books for your classes.


Prior to coming to college, first and foremost, make sure you finish school and graduate as a senior. Reason being, without a H.S. Diploma, some colleges or institutions won't let you attend school, especially without a degree. Apply for scholarships and the school you're attending EARLY. Also, you got to have the mind frame/set to enter college because college is a whole lot diiferent than high school. It's more demanding, flexible scheduling available, the schoolwork is a little more challenging, etc. In other words, it is like stepping into the real world workforce. It's to the point where you have to make a committment stating whether or not you want to do this, if so, you have to put your best foot foward, stay postive, and endure as much as possible.