Lincoln College of Technology-Marietta Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I were to go back to high school now I would tell myself many things. There is not just one thing to tell myself because I was so Immature, and unaware of what is out there besides high school. High school is only part of life for four years, and yet it is the most pressured time of your life there is. For one you are turning into an adult. Two everyone expects a lot out of you, including what you wear, what you eat, what kind of music you listen to. Three, it is the best time of your life, and the last time you will get to be free to enjoy the moments of being a child. The main advise I guess I would have to give myself is to have fun while you can, high school does not last forever. I would also tell myself to save money for collage. Collage is expensive, moving out and taking care of your self is even more.


I will like to start off by saying, learning what I now know could have help me with all my test scores back in High School. If I was a person who took my High School stuff seriously, I would have pass all my bad test that I did poor on. Everything happens for a resaons thats why were not perfect. I would have told myself dont be friends with that person because it will turn u to a bad person in life. Dont go out with that girl she is bad news. I should of listen to that teacher when thy were giving me advises. My smart self not so start self didnt listen so i learned from my mistakes.