Lincoln Memorial University Top Questions

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Lincoln Memorial is so helpful compared to other schools. They walked me through each step of the application process from financial aid to registration. Orientation is required and offers everything needed to begin classes. Everyone has been so happy to help.


I like Lincoln Memorial University because the school and campus is fairly small. The professors are truely concerned with making sure their students learn the information and they are very open with each student. The classes are small so the professor is able to get to know each student easier than bigger schools. Because the school is small, I know or have heard of most of the students that attend the university. I can make friends easier.


Lincoln Memorial University is a small school with about 2000 on campus students. LMU is a very affordable private university with a tuition freeze to help keep tuition costs down. Other private universities that I looked at had extremely high tuition costs and a lot of students. LMU has free peer tutoring that almost all students use a lot in their freshman year especially. Every other school that I looked at students had to pay outrageous costs for tutoring that fell far below the quality of tutoring a student can get at LMU.