Lincoln University-Jefferson City Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The fact that only about 3200 students attend. I wish that more attended the University gain the same experiences I received.


Although Lincoln University is the first college I have attended, I have had very little difficulty with this school. I do feel that the Student Accounts and Financial Aid offices may be somewhat disorganized, but with so many students to take care of, I can't really blame them. Overall, I have had a very good experience here so far, and really have no complaints.


The thing I consider Lincoln University to be worst at is helping their students out. Why because you have most students that are here not from Missouri like I am or just not in the financial staus to pay for certain thing needed and as a school they do nothing to help out. They just look at us like do it on your own effort. I really feel that is wrong of them they have a job to help us as students further our education and it is 0 attempt of that helping us.


The worst thing about Lincoln University is that they are limited on their professional studies. Lincoln University is a great school to get your bachelors or associates degree, but if you are looking at graduate level studies, then you may have to look into a different university to acquire whatever you are looking for to further your education.


The opportunites that they dont have at Lincoln like they do at other schools. Our school really dont have much to get involved in. I ust figured that because its such a small school thats why they dont have much. At the same time thats not the case. I wish Lincoln had alot more things for students to do on campus. Such as pools and big recreation centers. I want more opportunities to mingle and get to know other students.


The 2 worst things about Lincoln University is the cafeteria food and the fact that we don't have a recreation building. Students are tired of each and every week of eating the same old food every week. Students need a place to hang out other than their dorm room.


The activities really aint to many


Our drop out rate is very high because we are an open enrollment school. Nearly seventy-five percent of the students who attend this University were not admitted into any other institution. I hate to see kids drop out, but I am glad we are one of the schools that gives everyone an equal chance.


I really do not like the cafe food but it is still good enough to eat it just seems repitive


Some students dont care about their education as well as the teachers


I think the worest thing about my school would be all the hills, or how old our buildings are. The teachers are awesome at my school and I just wish they had a better work enviornment. Dont get me wrong, the buildings are still standing but a little update wouldnt be a bad thing.

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