Lincoln University-Jefferson City Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Lincoln University is the fact that most of the classes are small, and so that gives teachers more one-on-one time with the students. I had gone to the University of Missouri-Columbia before I came to Lincoln, and in some of my auditorium-sized classes, I never even spoke to my teachers except for during finals. The attention teachers at Lincoln are able to pay to the students due to a more controlled class size really helps when there's something I don't understand.


The best thing about my school is the way the halls are set up. They dont have everyone on one hall and it is divided so only a certain amount of people are using a bathroom at a time.


The students, well the one's who came for the right reason. They motivate each other and make school fun.


The best thing about our school is that it is a big school. There is ample opportunity for one on one help with teachers.

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