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I formerly attended Argosy University before transferring to Walden. As a student at Walden, I felt like the staff was not invested in helping me with my educational and career aspirations. Walden has proven to be an institute that is dedicated to social change and preparing its scholars to actively contribute to the efforts of social change.


The classes are very small. In order to have fun you must be active on your campus. You don't need to live in a city to have fun.


Lincoln offered an accelerated science program with the opportunity for internships through out the nation with major organizations.


The most unique thing at my school is even though we are an HBCU we are very diverse there are people from all over the world with different nationalities. It’s a cool ways to get to know people internationally a learned about different cultures, languages, religions etc.


Lincoln University is a family type of environment. The professors really want to see all of their student do good in their classes. They help students get more involved in their majors. Also, Lincoln is cheaper compared too many schools and have small class sizes. The small classes help students focus more and the professors remember each student they teach. Now there are activities available to do on weekends, so everyone do not feel the need to go home every weekend.




My school is ... wonderful. Because it is a relatively small school, student body wise, the sense of community, friendship, and family here is quite unique and heart-warming. It also allows student to be more spoiled in a way that students who attend schools with larger student bodies wouldn't.


I will have to say how family oriented we are. We recently just lost a Lincoln Lion by the name of Anthony Washington. He was the runner-up for king at Lincoln University. We lost him in a car crash, anyway, i've never seen a campus care so much for everyone. His death was heavy on everyone's hearts. All of us are overcoming from this.


Lincoln University is a small school but it is just right. It is the first historically black vollege/university. That is very important to me because this is the first school to give degrees to African Americans. It is a very homey school. The people I have met here are important to me. My education is important to me and this school has changed my perception of academia.


My college is the first hbcu and it is centered to bring people together.


One thing that I felt was unique about my school was the sizes of the classes. Due to the classes being small I was more than a number to my professors. Therefore, I felt a sense of a community and family which was great for me becasue I went out of state for school.


The school began as an all boy school. It's also an all black school in a suburban area. There is a wonderful Fredrick Douglas statue located in the middle of the campus. However, what I do not like is the KKK that does rallies in the spring. It makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. It is not what I expected. I'm sure not many schools in American have that.


Were well known as one of the funniest party schools next to Howard , however we still manage to be at the top of the charts on the educational level


The school believes in school and education first, and then after that extracurricular activities, faternities/sororities, and partying comes second.


Something unique about Lincoln Unversity is that it's a small campus where everybody can get to know each other. Lincoln is very respectful towards all kinds of people especially me becauase Im Muslim. They have a prayer room for all the Muslims to pray in.


Lincoln to me was not to big or small it was like finding the perfect shoe in my size


My school is the first historical black college. Lincoln is a small university that cares about there students to succed.


What makes my school unique is that we have this community where everyone feels like a family instead of an outsider. We stick together as one.


My school is an HBCU. Unlike any other school, at Lincoln you receive a deep understanding and respect for your culture. That is one of the most rewarding things about the university.


Lincoln University was founded as Ashmun Institute, it was named after Jehudi Ashmun, a religious leader and social reformer. Lincoln University's (Ashmun Institute's) ties to Africa and youth of African descent was a significant component of the framework for the institution's creation. Specifically, John Miller Dickey's first students. This makes Lincoln uiversity a unique because the school has history behind it, it also has religous background which is always an extra point on its reputation. Being said lincoln is well rounded. Repersenting a posistive school and also a posistive learning community.


well i tell you this lincoln is like one big family and there always something to do on campus .