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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I had the opportunity to talk to myself senior year of high school, I would advise myself to write down all of my goals down for the school year and strictly stick to that. Taking time to chart out what happens with each moment is very important. There will be distractions that will arise, and try to change the course or path but staying focused on a goal will always bring things into perspective. There will be more drive and dedication to complete assignments before anything else. The most important thing above all is to keep a company of people that are liked minded and are headed in the same direction. The company that is kept around will either influence or be influenced.


The advice I would give myself is to love myself. Love everything about me from my size to my hair. I would let my younger self know that she is so smart and the ideas about herself that she has been told and has told herself are true. She will be great and can be whatever she wants. Also what has happen to her in her past doesnt define her future and everyone she meets is not out to get her and hurt her. I would telll her she is beautiful and is loved by many. I would tell her to try harder in school and really apply herself. Challenge herself to make the grade she needs to excel not the grade she need to just past. I would tell her to keep dreams and dont lose sight of them no matter what anyone else has to say about them. I would tell her she is a force to be reckoned with when she applies herself. I would say to her she is a survivor and let her know it's gets so much better, she just has to hold on.


If I could go back in time as a high student giving advice from my college experience I would stress on how important time management is, especially when if you are involved in a lot of extracurricular activities on campus as well as trying to manage your academics. Learning to be on your own after having your parents be the one to tell you when things to be done to having to do it on your own is very challenging, in which I wish someone was around to prepare me for college in high school about time managent. Being a typical excited freshman I was so ready to be a part of different clubs or organizations that in reality I knew I would not be able to handle along with my academics. Managing your time helps you plan and control any amount of time for specific activities and not go over time to make sure you get every thing else donee that was planned for the day instead of cramming things in. If you can manage your time wisely college will be a breeze and everything will get done without stress.


From the knowledge i have gain from being a college student i would tell myself to stay focus and work harder in school. I was not a person who really cared as much about school as i do now and that had been a huge handicap. The best advice i would give is stay focus when it come to apply for school as well as looking for scholarships. I i had a second chance i would look up alot more scholarships as well as different types of financial that could better help me while going to school. Take full advantage of not paying for school and make more of an attemp to be the best possible student that i could be. I would also tell myself to give back to my community by doing more different types of communitie service.


High school senior David, if you think you’re stressed now, just wait. I know you think everything will fall into place, but if you want everything to be easier later, put in the work now. That procrastination habit you have will not get you very far and it will be a very rough awaking when slaps you in the face in college. You really should get going on signing up for scholarships now; you wouldn’t believe how many you qualify for! I know you’re smart, so you should use that intelligence to your advantage by working as much as possible during the summer and save up so you can have some funds to fall back on during the semester. You should also quit trying to chase girls right now, believe me, there are so many more in college and you should not be burdening yourself with unnecessary stress, your 17, you don’t need to be worried about girls yet! Above all, I know you will do great in whatever you do, just don’t let anybody or anything discourage you from your dream. Take responsibility, and never give up.


The advice I would give myself as of now since I've experienced the college life, I would tell myself to save all of my checks from work. Saving money really helps, for when you need to pay for your own books every semester for four years. Even with school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, bookbag and food. After graduating high school I would say still keep up with my reading, because reading books is a very important thing to do in life even if your not in school. Going straight to college is a very smart thing to do, but I would have met a lot of people for the fall semester instead of coming in the spring semester. I would also, advise myself to stay really focus on my studys in high school instead of being into sports, because the knowlegde from high school is really important for college, even though high school my seem pointless and easy it's very important for college also. High school material is connected to college material in every way. Therefore, if I had told myself these things in high school I would have been prepared for my first semester of college.


If I could talk to myself as a highschool senior I would tell myself to pay attention! Pay attention all of your surroundings once starting your college caree. Pay attention to the people around you. Not everyone one is your friend, people are not to be trusted. When someone shows you who they truly are pay attention. Pay attention to deadlines, procrastination is probably the worst thing that man could ever do, so do your work before the deadline. Pay attention to time, time is everything and not a thing to waste. Pay attention the campus, get invloved you don't want to just be another student you want to leave your legagcy. Pay attention to proffesors, advisors etc it is important to establish relationships with these people. It is not what you know, it is who you know. Pay attention yourself aswell, if you see yourself going in a direction that is not you, come out of it and go to the direction that is where you want to be. Just pay attention.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to prepare better for my future. The key to doing so starts with choosing the best institution from and academic and financial standpoint. That means choosing the best institute in my home state to save money if necessary. From there, you must have a goal as well as a plan and stick to it. I would encourage myself to avoid the making social life the priority over my academic life to ensure that I reach my goal of completion in a timely manner. Lastly, I would take advantage of extracurricular and scholarship opportunities to enhance my resume and financial future.


I would tell myself that the plans you have now are not what you will be doing. Learn to go with the flow. Never give up and keep pushing on. You will do greater things with your life than you think you will. Don't be afraid to ask for help, and keep your head up high. You can do it and you will go far!


I would tell myself to take as many honors and advance placement classes in math and science as I could. I would insist that my high school self accept a full class schedule for both semesters in high school. I would remind myself that I am my biggest obstacle and not to get in my own way; develop a plan and stick to it. I'd tell myself to remember to do what is best for you.


If I could go back to my senior year of high school, there are two things that I would change. The first thing that I would have done was take the SAT more seriously. In terms of institutional scholarships, GPA and SAT are of upmost importance. While applying to colleges, I was not aware of just how important those two factors are. The higher your GPA and SAT score, the greater scholarship opportunities you have. Although my SAT score was not terrible, I wish that I would have scored at least one hundred points higher. The second thing I would change is the summer before entering college. Instead of spending the first month of the summer doing nothing, I would arrange to begin doing volunteer work in a foreign country. I was not aware of the all the opportunities there were to volunteer abroad in other countries for high school students. By volunteering in other countries, I would have increased my awareness of the health care conditions of other countries, contributed to the world, and gained an unforgettable cultural experience. All of which would have increased my competitiveness as a future medical school applicant.


I would tell my past self to be more involved in extracurricular activites and to not be scared of the unknown. I would advise to learn how to drive and get a job because being in college is very expensive. I would also want my past self to study and applied herself more so I could have a better scholarship where I would not have to pay for room and board.




This advise I would give to high school would be to not start off your college career in debt. Work and study very hard would be the main point I would try to drive home. There is funding and more opportunities for students who prove they took their education seriously. High school is only a few short years but it will greatly impact your future. Taking those years seriously will shape and mold the rest of your life.


I would tell myself that I should have been more prepared and that I should have focused more in school.


I would tell myself to keep focused, keep your head up, never bring yourself down for anybody and strive for the better. although being ranked number eight in my class, out of three hundred, i wanted to work harder to be in the number one slot.


Knowing what I know now I would defiantly tell a high school student to begin to take courses that they will most likely take again in college. Challenge themselves take some AP courses get the extra college credits because it will be worth it. Also make sure they really search for the school that they really want to go to. Visits the school, talk to teachers, students and ask as many question. Also make sure that they can afford. Having financial issues are the worse and becomes a stressor and a distraction to school work when you’re wondering how are you going to pay for the next semester. Also apply for as many scholarships especially the ones that provide you with money every year so you know where money is coming from. Also make sure you know what is that you would like to go to school for, shadow, volunteer, get some experience before hand so you can start you major. Also learn how to manage your time it will be key for a successful college experience.


The best word to describe myself during my senior year would be "seniorities." I was thrilled I had almost completed the high school path and would soon be moving onto the more appealing and exciting college life. Because I kept decent grades and heard about my piers being accepted to several colleges, I felt cocky and thought that it wasn't difficult at all to get into college. I was wrong. After being denied from my first choice of college, I felt destroyed. Since then and to this day, I have grown much more serious and am determined to attend Appalachian State University in the spring of 2013 by saving up money and hopefully receiving some scholarships. I would tell my high school self to take college more seriously. Don't wait until the last minute to apply and have a financial plan set. It will take time and effort, but in the end, it will all pay off. You'll head off to college in the fall and all will be well. I will be attending a community college instead of heading off to college with friends. I regret the lack of effort I had my senior year.


If I could go back in time as a high school senior I would do everything in my power to get scholarships. In addition to playing a sport to get a full scholarship. It's hard putting yourself through school with no family assistance and support.


Hello young senior panther remember when you complained about wanting to go to college and finally have all the freedom that you always desired! Well college does have its freedom but it comes with a price of a lot responsibility. Yes teachers do not care if you show up to class or not, but missing class will leave you with unsatisfying grades. Also homework is not mandatory which was such an annoyance in high school but by not doing your homework you will never completely understand the material. So even though high school felt like an unnecessary four years it has truly prepared me for college. Be grateful to have teachers who worked so hard and so diligently to make sure you will succeed as you go further with your education. I know it was hard then to understand but now it makes sense be appreciative of those who pushed you further and be thankful for all the little moments that have brought you to this point.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that balancing school work is very important. Being able to differentiate social life with academic life is a very important aspect of college. Even though I have been doing very well in college, I would have made better decisions such as studying longer and choosing my friends wisely. I would tell myself not to be afraid to ask questions. In order to get what you want in life, you have to be proactive and dedicated to your learning experience. I would say choose your friends wisely because everyone does not want to see you succeed. A saying that I find important and that would have been helpful before my college experience would be "Don't deposit valuable information to negative people because you will always wind up with a bounced check". This means that negative people will not always support your goals or support you as a person. I would not have known this if it was not for experience. I would tell myself to appreciate where you come from because everyone is not allowed this great opportunity.


If I could go back, I would tell myself to be more prepared. College is like a full time job, where you work seven days a week and the only time off is summer time. You have to learn how to manage time such as; studying, sleeping , eating and being with friends. Also, there may be times when there is no time to eat but going to class on an empty is never good. Learning how to pick good friends comes over time, choosing the wrong crowd of friends will reflect on your GPA. When there is a subject that is hard, never be ashamed to ask for help. When a professor knows you are trying, they will help you get a better grade in the class. Also, make sure that if you have a job do not let it make you loss focus of the ultimate goal. All your focus has to be on getting good grades in all classes; in order, to have a good gpa so when the time comes you can receive academic scholarships. College life is a good experience once you find your true friends, manage time good and get involved in clubs on campus.


I would tell myself that there is nothing to truly worry about. Its ok to have fun, but always remember that school comes first. If you become lost in having too much fun you will slip on your work. That goes the same for relationships. Relationships so early in your college career can mess up and get in the way of your class work and other school related activities. You can become lost and forget what is most important to you. My final statements would be to never wait to try new things, like a sport or choir. They can help you to learn a lot and can change your life for the better.


The main thing that I would stress to myself is to, STAY ABOVE THE INFLUENCE! In one year I've seen a lot of people change because of peer pressure. Many people go to college and think that they have a chance to "start over." All depending on where you attend school, this is very true. Everyone wants to be cool, but one has to remember to respect themselves, their body and their family. Don't go to college and be someone you're not! I would also tell myself to stay focus and get great grades. Be a serious student and grow great relationships with your professors. Make your professors see that you are a serious student. The main thing is to juat stay true to yourself, get good grades and have fun! That's the motto.


Jamila, I know you can't wait to head out and be on your own, but you have to know things are diffrent. College is a completely diffrent world than highschool. Mom won't be there to make sure you get to class on time. The teacher won't ask why you didn't do your homework or make any effort if you don't. you must be prepared to study constantly because remeber these classes aren't free, Loans you have to pay back and you need good grades and a high GPA if you want a scholorship. Don't get to caught up in that party lifestyle it will only bring you down. it's okay to have fun, however realize that you grades is on the line and failing is not an option. I am positive you'll be fine as long as you stay out of trouble, get to class, limit partying and stay in your books you'll be fine. Remeber your paying for your educations so do good and free money will be there.


Though out my life I have held my self to top expectations for everything I have done. I became a certified bicycle technician at the age of 16 not because of tutors or backing out with excuses but because I put my full self forward. I grew up under a blanket of having a “learning disability” and having a mind set that I did not need to hold my schoolwork to the same level as everything else. It was not that I was incapable of doing the work in anyway. I always got my work done I just did not push my self past the minimum. I accepted that “I needed a tutor” and if I could not get something done it was because of my dyslexia. What I would tell my self is that if I get out from under the blanket of excuses and use the standards I have set for my bicycle shop career in school then I will succeed. I understand now that there’s nothing wrong with asking for help but if I spend the time and figure it out, I will get a lot farther in life.


I would tell myself to live up to my full potential. I would have accepted the invitation to join the Horace Mann Bond Honors Program on my campus, but I second guessed my confidence in handling the work load so I turned it down. Now as a upcoming senior, I wish I had accepted the invitation my freshman year when it was offered to me. I have always had a problem with being confident in myself with my academics and beliefs, but as I have progressed through college I have definately become more confident and strong in my beliefs, values, and morals.


The advice I definitely would have gave myself would be to remain focused at all times. The transition of beign a High School Senior and an Undergraduate Student is a big difference. It is very necessary to be able to balance being a a student and maintaing a social life. As much as these are suppose to be the best four years of ones life, it must never be forgotten what the goal of being in college is, and that is getting an education. This is an extremely expensive but very necessary and smartest investments of ones life.


Dear old Alicia, Yes, as expected, you made it to college. Now there are a few things that I need to advise you of in preparation for your arrival into this realm of adulthood. First things first, continue to keep your eye on the prize, as you always have, and always keep in mind that your education comes before EVERYTHING at college because not only are you going to be paying for it but because it is also fundamental to your betterment both personally and financially. Secondly, please keep in mind that people come from different places than you do and your interactions and friendships that you had at home are definitely not going to be the same in college. People are going to judge like they have never before and you just have to keep the strength and the will to remain true and committed to being exactly who you are deep down inside. Lastly, remember to keep God as an imperative factor in your life and learn to trust in him that all things are possible through prayer, belief and faith. Stay positive and don't ever EVER give up on yourself. Love, Alicia the College Freshman


"Dont be afraid to be yourself". That is the number one thing I would have told my High School self. When entering college I became so nervous, shy, and afraid to be myself. I ended up with two great roomates that allowed me not to completely lose myself. When entering High School I experienced the same problem of being shy and reserved temporarily until I found a group of friends that appreciated my bubbly and outgoing personality. By graduation I had obtained a large group of female friends that I remained close with well through college. My main regret for both High School and college would be that I did not involve myself in school activities or showcase my many talents. Talents that I have are unknown to many, when they are so spectacular that they should have been known to all. The same goes for my true personality. To my high school self I would tell her to Stay strong, Confident, Beautiful, and blow the Lincoln University campus away with your presence!


If I could go back in time to talk to Little Alir Hassan Rothwell I would try to instill in him a stronger work ethic than he already has. I will make sure that he realizes that Lincoln University is what he makes it. I will tell him to use his time management skills way better than he already does. For he is in many different thriving organizations on campus but he didnt leave himself a good amount of time to study for each and every class. I would tell him to listen to what his parents was saying because they do know what they are talking about, and they dont want you to struggle they way the did and how you are now. I would tell him to be a little more social in high school so he wouldn't have to find himself in college. These are a sample of the many different words of encouragement i will give to him.


Self, Listen up. Because this is important: College is hard, but the experience/education is worth it. The hardest thing about college is having the finances, and not losing your determination. If you have those two things, you will go far and make your future even brighter than it is now! Every class you take pursing your degree is another light, creating a brighter future for yourself. However, to get to these classes you must learn to focus in high school and study for that ACT! The higher the score, the better the scholarship! Catch my drift? Volunteer! Be a good friend. Learn to put others first but know when to stand you're ground. Be smart enough to know the consequences of your actions and strong enough to say no when necessary. Do not give up and do not let anyone tell you the career you need to pursue. That is your decision to make and only yours. Discover your interests and plan your path. Every action you choose to make is a move in some direction; whether it be good or bad. Remember that. Be strong. Be smart. Be honest. Ready, set, go!


I wouldnt give myself any advice because I believe that the college life and the maturity that you gain over the time your at college is due to the experiences and situations you come into. I would just like myself to be the same way I am now focused and ready to have a great HBCU experoence.


First I want to revisit who I was in high school. I was very lazy and I did not care much about school. I felt alone at times eventhough I was apart of various athletic teams and had friends. I did not think that I was a person who would do well in college so for a few months I had decided not to go. But, later along my senior year I felt encouraged by mother, not because she pushed me to go to college. I wanted to make her proud of me and do something that she did not have the courage to finish. I then applied to Lincoln University and was excepted. Therefore if I could go back I would tell myself do not be afraid. You are intelligent so push yourself. You have the courage and the ability to do well. Make good choices, get involved on campus, do your work, and keep God first. There are many things to distract you but remain focused. You are going to get an education first and social life comes afterward. Be encouraged.


I would tell ,y self to be more social


For me being an older student of college has been a excellent experience for me. I have learned to express myself via online with the instructors and classmates as well as the world itself. I have the grand opportunity continue and reach a goal I did not obtain in my younger years of age, as well as teaching my own children that it is never to late to earn a degree and succeed in a goal that you want to achieve. I instill in my children that anything can be done if you put your mind to it. The plan I have decided is to start my own home business in the field of Enterprenuership in Business. Why I will have my career set and the ability to still tend to my family in the comfort of my own home. I have many skills and various experience in different things so I have plenty of open lead space to explore I just want to have my degrees on my wall to show that I went the right route to suceed well in my business venture. The biggest thing to have is belief in yourself and the rest will come.


Since i been at Lincoln University I experience a few things. I learned that more expectations are required of the students. Doing work by following the syllabus , doing extra readings, thinking outside the box and acquiring research. I learnd how to make and acheive my goals. College is valuable to attend become your are setting up your future. I am the first in my family to attend a college or university. I am setting up an example for my siblings. I am showing them that they don't have to a child a young age, don't have to drop out of high school, be on welfare and a low paying job. I want to guide them on how to fix their mistakes and vbe successful in life.


My college experience has been an illuminating experience. Lincoln University has shined its light on my dreams. Clearer than ever, I am now able to see my goals in which I would like to accomplish here in college. Becoming an elementary school teacher can be made possible if I stay focused and stabilize my financial needs. College is only the first step on my ladder to success. This experience comes with both much happiness and struggle. Attending college has always been considered a top priority in my life. Nobody could ever change my mind about receiving a higher education to better myself and my future. I am the first person in my family to go to college and I plan on graduating also. I am the oldest of six so when my parents tell me that they are struggling to pay for my tuition I feel obligated to finish school. I want to be a role model for my younger sisters and be the opposite of what they believe happens to African-American women in our society. When I get my Masters I will look at my sisters big brown eyes and say " I made it, now you try".


I have been attending the local community college for four semesters now, after attending UC Davis for a year. The community college has not only allowed me to gain the units I need for a four year University, but it has also let me take more flexible classes that enable me to choose which route I want to take in school as well as work full time and put myself through college. Although some of the community classes were simple, they allowed me to keep myself in a learning atmosphere and mindset that I can expand on. College of the Redwoods is a wonderful school and has provided me with so much experience and classes at a much cheaper price. Finally I am ready to move onto a four year University and pursue my goal in Religious Studies and Art History, with the piece of mind that I am truly interested in my choice and can not wait to explore the opportunities and ideas that follow along with a college education.


In college begun to understand to learn to study to perform at my greatest. These experince allows me to muture and grow into the person that will take charge in the working world. Lincoln University has taught me to take advantage of every opportunity that life throws my way and use it to better my life, then when I am successful and done growing to give back to the community and the people that helpedme get there. The give the future generation to allow them to become successsful and attend college to advance their education. My college expenirence has been very valuable to everyone by allow a person how to advance there study and education , so they will become more knowledgable about a field in study that is changing the world. But in college they gave me and everyone else the knowledge to be thest best.


Besides furthuring my education at Lincoln University, college life has introduced me to some amazing people. At Lincoln University we have many organizations and oppurtunities to get to know one another. Both the educational part and the away from home part make my college life great. It's great to know I have so many resourses to make me grow as a person and student.


My college experience at Lincoln University has changed my life forever. Growing up I was always a shy kid and had low self esteem due to being in out of the foster care system . Therefore, when I went away to college it gave me an opportunity to spread my wings llike a butterfly and soar into independence. It was at Lincoln University that I had the opportunity to get out my shell because was I far from home and at a place I knew no one. Therefore, with the help of my peers I learned how to socialize and not have a fear of not being accepted because I was a product of the foster care system. I am grateful for the experiences at Lincoln because it has shaped me into a woman who is more knowledgeable about my African American History, more confident, and with a greater sense of knowing the importance of helping others who may be face with similar dilemmas like mine.


I am learning a lot of life lessons while attending Lincoln University. I am learning to be more responsible and accountable. Other attributes I am learning include credibility, time management, punctuallity, and financing. All of which are valuable because I will need to maintain these qualities when I graduate.


so far my college experience has been a journey everything that I ever learned I faced here or had to put it to use here from small things such as keeping my room clean at all time to major things such as time management. I learned alot about myself I learned how to keep in touch with my family and god number one at all times although it is easier said then done but like anything or everything else it takes time and work consistently. I am enjoying my college experience. I have met some of the greatest people while I been here and also seen alot of hurtful things, I feel like I need these experience in order to become a better man later one so Im keep praying and working hard cause that never fails no matter what. Thank you for a chance to express myself and tell others how I feel.


So far I'm just happy to be able to get away from home and understand what it means to take care of myself. Many of the students here go home a lot so some might not come back because of that. I also find it very educational for me to be around many more black people since I always went to very diverse high schools and middle schools and even elementary schools. Being in a prodominently black university gives me a better understanding of how my people act and handle themselves in their everyday lives. I'm learning more about myself while enjoying being away from home.


i have learned how to be more social. it has been valuable to attend because i made good friends and and have teachers that care about my education


The most valuable lesson that I learned while attending a HBCU, an all black College or university, looks can be deceiving. Visting this college of choice I thought that this would be a good opportunity to have a college dedicated to minorities. However, although it is sometimes a challenge to understand the professors, the university gives me a good degree of learning. I am most disappointed with how the facilities are taken care of. I almost feel that because it's a minority school, those who operate it treat it as if it were of lower class. This has been a learning experience in that I value my college education, but often think that my college does not value me. This has been a valuable lesson in that I will choose my college more wsiely, by asking more in depth questions about the facilities. I would ask many students their honest opinions about attending.


"Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself." -- Chinese Proverb As a high school senior, I always felt like everything should be handed to me, however I learned that in college that is not at all the case. There is a certain amount of responsibility and independance that one must gain while in college because in that atmosphere your on your own. Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, the advice I would give myself as a high school senior would be , be prepared for the workload about to be placed in front of you for no one will baby you through it, learn responsibility and independance because a vast amount of it is needed to succeed in college, fill out a multitude of scholarships because college is indeed expensive, remain determined and never immulate, imitate or impersonate someone who has nothing going for themselves, and just be your own person and follow what you believe in, there are alot of "bad" distractions which will make it hard to stay focused however, impossible is just im possible put together. "Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself." -- Chinese Proverb


if i were able to go back in time as a high school senior i would prepare my self different. Knowing what i know now about college life would make it much more easier. If i could go backin time i would change the proccess i went about looking for a college. I played baseball so i went about the selection proccess by the best team at the time. I would tell myself to do the best i can and to keep myself motivated regardelss of the situation. Last year my mother was diagnosed with intestinal cancer and was going through the worst times of her life. If hurt me seeing her in pain andnot being able to nothing about it. Knowing that i could have been done with school already and have my carrer hurt me because i felt like i had to show my mother i could make something of myslef. Thats why i would go back to high school and tell myself to not give up no matter the situation because in the long run it will benefit not only me but the ones that i love and care for the most.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior, I would say, Tyleeka, you have came a long journey. Do not give up on teh math class that you thought was too hard to take, and take everything one day at a time. Make time for yourself, and before you can love anyone you have got to love yourself. Do not be afraid to take stand up for what you believe in, and always walk with a smile on your face. Go to the Financial Aid office everyday, and the Bursar's too, even though you know the lines be hectic. Apply for as many scholarships as you are eligible for, and attend those tutor sessions that are avaiable for you. Even though you dont think SGA is the organization for you, continue to do a great job at it and smile because you know it was meant for you. Do not focus on the past, but today, because now is a gift that is why it is called the present. If you ever have a serious situation with your roommate, go to Public Safety and RC when you know that something is wrong.