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What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wished I would have know to take it more serious and apply myself better. A college student is alone and they have to figure a lot out by themselves. I wish I had worked on being a self-starter, but now Im good at start things myself. I wished I was told that there will be some days that I would feel so alone and have to hug myself.


When I first got here to Lincoln University I wish I had known that they didn't have any shops closer than 10 minutes away. Not having any shops closer isn't that bad, but it could help a little so that way I could have gotten a job. When some students aren't eligible for works studys it's really hard for them to find a job on campus, because they have to go out there way to talk to other college students to get a good word in to find a job. That benefits in a way also.


I wish I'd known that the requirements for the double major were going to change.


Lincoln is basically in the middle of no where, the closest mall is in deleware. i know that isnt what college is about but it is good to get off campus and just take a weekend break to change the scenery.


I pretty much am satisfied with most of the activities around campus. I do not have that much of an issue. Despite some stuff i disagree with, i still Love my school.


Before I came to Lincoln university I wish I knew where it was located. I'm a city girl and Lincoln is on the conutryside. I am use to everything being right at your finger tips, stores and people all around you. It is diffrent near my school you have to drive everywhere and it smells terrible. i also wish i knew how difficult it would be. TV shows display colleges as party central but you really have to study to pass. I always aced test in highschool without studying. College i have to stay in the book.


I wish known that the dorm rooms arent that great. There is only one dormitory on campus that is up to date.


nothing that i can think of


I wish that I would have known that in college there are alot of distractions and lots of trouble for one to get into, and even harder to get out. I also wish that I would have been able to better understand and prepare for the workload faced with in college, for it is nothing to take lightly.


I wish i had known that could have had an opportuniity to start recieving credits early in the summer of my freshamn year.


Before I came to this school, I wish i wouldve known that going to a small school means everyone's business is known by everyone and it's better to engage in a small group of friends and also know how to be focused on my responsibilities by being able to balance my academics and social life at the same time. Finally, college brings many experieces that would prepare me for life.


I wish I had known what I know now.


that it was in the middle of nowhere