Lincoln University-Lincoln University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


What i like most about my school is the diversity on the campus. There are alot of different people on campus which exposes you to unique personality. Growing up in a certain area and not being able to travel to other states being in college has really open my eyes the world that surrounds me. Lincoln has a wide range of personality and im glad i can be around people from other states and get a idea where they are from.


My current institution has two outstanding qualitites that allow it to stand out. It offers adults who work full-time the opportunity to return to school to fulfill their educational desires. I also believe my program is adequately preparing me for work in the varying aspects of the human services field.


The best thing about my school is the oppurtunities they give to us students. They give us many scholarship opportunities for scholarships, to bond with other students on campus, tutoring and mentoring oppurtunities. There are just many options that are offerered to us to make attending Lincoln Univeristy the best four years of our lives.


the best thing about Lincoln University is our school spirit, and how we all are family oriented. We all care very much about each other. Ask any student in this school if they love Lincoln, and they will say they "bleed orange and blue". The Lincoln Blood doesnt get much better.


The people and professors


The best thing about Lincoln University is that we are family oriented.


The best thing about my college is the class because, it is small enough so the teachers and students can interact and have one on one time.


The best thing about my school is how the staff and students look out for eachother.


The best thing about my school is the unlimited list of extra-curricular activities that are available at my school. I feel there is no reason why anyone should not be involved in something here, because there is a group or club for everything that one might have interest in.


Lincoln University prides its self in being the best, and in being the best you must gain and develop a hunger for knowledge because they force feed it to you because the want you to be nothing more then the best. they believe in preparing you for the real world and your competitors in which you will be competing with. You will find a bottomless well of knowledge and information for you to be the most qualified individual in your field.


i feel the best thing about my school i s the student teacher relationship. you can feel that the teachers really look out for your best interest.


the school work and the extra activites


I like how my school isn't too small but it isn't too big either, making it easier for everyone to get to know each other and providing an overall better atmosphere in the school. Also, it tends to make it so classes are no bigger than fifteen or twenty students and teachers tend to know exactly who you are by name.


I think the historical relevance of my school is what sets it apart. It is the first degree granting HBCU in the nation. It has produced leaders such as Thurgood Marshall, Langston Hughes, Rosco Lee Browne and Kwame Nkrumah, just to name a few. The motto of my university even speaks to the heritage of Lincoln which is 'advancing the legacy'. The fact that Lincoln University was the first stop in the North on the Underground Railroad and the history of the school arouses the school spirit that one will see when visiting my school.