Lindenwood University Top Questions

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There is a large commuter population, so the campus looks completely different during the day than it does on weekends. The school does not have a whole lot of activities going on over weekends, but there are always things to do in the surrounding cities, or many students just hang out in the houses and dorms.


When I first came to this college, I was just expecting to see people from Missouri here. It turned out that I met a lot of people from Spain, Ireland, Scotland, Jamaica, Bulgaria, Siberia, Dominican Republic, England, and all over!


All of the teachers are very willing to help and the class sizes are small so each student recieves one on one time with the instructor.


The smaller class sizes are unique to USD compared to other schools I considered, and this has made it a lot easier for me to feel comfortable about asking for help from my professors during office hours.


Lindenwood has an excellent program for incoming freshman/new students to allow them to get to know the campus and feel comfortable before the majority of students arrive on campus. New students arrive one week early and participate in group activities to allow them to meet other new students. This allows time for freshman to get acclimated with campus life before the pressures of class work begins. It really relieved some of the anxiety of being on my own and responsible for myself.


Lindenwood is a great school to go to for students looking to be able to participate in non-traditional sports. Also, Lindenwood does not have strict admission policies for those students who did not do extremely well in high school or on their ACT. The school is more looking to increase their student numbers than create an intellectual atmosphere on campus.


Very conservative.


Very cutural, everyone who goes here is from a diffent country, in the st. charles area, or all around. Everyone plays a sport here.


Lindenwood has such a rich culture of diverse students. There are over 800 international students for over 80 countries.


They have ways of saving students money, such as work study which gives you extra money towards tuition.