Lindenwood University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Athletes are a big part of the community on campus, as well as international students and locals from the Missouri area. The school continues to find more diverse students who are active on campus, starting clubs, and getting people involved.


To attend Lindenwood-Belleville thse student must be very strong-willed. There are many different issues in Belleville that some student may not have encountered before.


If you are student completely focused on your studies and do not care about partying this school is for you.


The type of person that should attend Lindenwood University is the type of person that likes to be involved on campus.


Lindenwood University is a wonderful school; many varied people can succeed here. I think anyone can join this school. Any person with the right attitude and drive can attend a college. I understand people not feeling comfortable at a very small college or a very large college; Lindenwood is not a huge campus so you don't have to worry about lecture hall classes. Lindenwood is large enough though that you see new faces in the hallway. Anyone who wants to succeed, has ambition, is not afraid of a challenge, and is willing to work will excel at Lindenwood.


Lindenwood is ideal for every type of student. For the academic, the school offers small class sizes and a challenging honors college; for the athlete, Lindenwood offers an array of varsity and intramural sports; and for the volunteer, Lindenwood offers a wide variety of service and campus betterment organizations.


Someone who is athletically inclined. Someone who is willing to work of tuition through work and learn. Somone who is looking for a diverse campus. Someone who is business oriented.


Someone who is looking to be involved in sports, and meet many international students, should attend this school. It is also enjoyable for people who want to feel at home in a University that is not too big so that you're not just another letter grade. Names are put to faces and it is easy to keep in touch with your professors.


Someone looking for a smaller campus, athletic or fine arts bound, and enjoys learning both in and out of the class.


friendly, financially conscious, people who like smaller classes and closer teacher/student relationships


Tight ass people that do not mind be held under ever restriction possible. No campus activities every. People that do not mind being kicked out of school for having the opposite sex in your dorm room or if they find out that you are a homosexual. One will also get kicked out for consuming alcohol even if you are of the legal age.


I think the ideal candidate for Lindenwood is someone interested in athletics and from a fairly conservative, Christian background. The school focuses a lot on these areas. Although, the fine and performing arts division tends to be much more lenient and accepting of people who don't fit this description.


A person that is really into academics and is only here to do school work. This is not a party school whatsoever, there are a lot of strict rules that are really outdated and dumb. It's a good sized school and a small amount of students, if you like the small-school feel then you will fit right in.


A person new to college - the small classes and warm atmosphere make it easy to feel at home.


Someone who is willing to put themselves out to there and accept others for who they are.