Lindenwood University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone looking for a very rigorous program should not attend Lindenwood. We are challenged, but it is common to hear, "take this professor, they are easy."


Everybody can attend Lindenwood but people that like to have a lot of freedom in their home or in their life should consider another university as Lindenwood emphasis a lot on visitation hours and housing rules.


Students who are not serious about their education and want to spent their time playing video games recreationally should not attend Lindenwood.


If you are a student looking for a school with lots of student activity, sororities/fraternities, and partying this is not the school for you.


If you are not ready to work hard you should not bother attending this school


Someone who is close minded, and doesn't have pride or spirit in themself, or their school.


Students who want large class sizes and a college with a division one football team should not attend USD.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone that wants to go to school to party. Lindenwood is very focused on academics and strives to make their students very successful. If you want to party or hook up with people, I suggest going somewhere else. Also, if you're looking for a very big campus, Lindenwood is not for you. It's a private school that has about 14,000 students; commuter and non-commuter.


black people


a person used to life in the suburbs, somewhat close to both the city & the country


Friendly, not the best highschool student, sport, student.


People looking for a degree in Business, Educations, or any number of other degrees should look into this school as an option. This is also a great school for students who have not yet decided what they want to major in.