Linfield College-McMinnville Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The older students are nice but it takes a while for the freshmen to realize that they're in college and should act like so.


My classmates are like a new family.


My classmates are all very welcoming to meeting new friends and also very happy to answer questions if yu had any.


My classmates are genuine, intelligent, humorous individuals who know how to enjoy themselves.


willing to learn, but are more willing to stick close to people they know.


My classmates are interesting, sometimes shy but usually outgoing, and truly value the education Linfield provides in the classroom.


Linfield students are extremely driven academically and socially by the shared goal of achieving greatness at the same time as creating relationships that will last a lifetime.


Classmates are often very welcoming, open-minded and motivating. Class sizes are normally small, so the opportunity to really bond with your classmates not only on an academic level, but on a personal level is presented to you.


After completing my first semester at Linfield College, I would describe the members of my small freshman class as being very goal-oriented, competitive, and enthusiastic about learning; the upper classman I have associated with have a more focused educational enthusiasm without the nervous, competitive energy of the freshman.


My classmates are more often than not, very intelligent and kind people. They have no problem focusing during class and working together on the course-work. I have the phone number of at least 1 person in all of my classes. Everyone is very approachable and we help eachother with all the work. I am never afraid to text them or ask to meet up with them to work on a project or clarify a subject.


My classmates are passionate people who are interested in everything from playing basketball in the pool to the writing of James Joyce.


My classmates are well mannered, friendly, and very dedicated to everything they are involved in.


My classmates are very intelligent people who care about their education. They work hard to the best of their ability and are very friendly. They are also from every different ethnicity, including many foreign exchange student. I also only have on average 50 kids or less in each of my classes, so it makes it easier to get to know them and easier to have a relatioship with them.


My classmates are willing to go out of their way to help me and they are very willing to talk about anything that goes on in the classroom and outside the classroom.


Overall, my classmates are very active in the learning process with a true desire to expand their knowledge and apply what they learn to their intended careers. As a result, it is a very competitive atmosphere in the classroom, but relaxed enough that you can always look to each other for help. They are very understanding in that they can relate to the difficulties and requirements that other students must deal with academically, this common ground making the students closer both in and outside the classroom.


They are interested and engaged, taking classes that will benefit them the most.


The students of Linfield College Class of 2013 is a very "Diverse" class.


My classmates are friendly.


All glad to be here.


My classmates are intelligent, creative and academically driven people.


hard working people who like to achieve goals and have fun at the same time


Friendly and open minded.


Upbeat, inspired , motivated and inclined towards discussion.


Hard working and very dedicated.


There are all types of groups. I have found that I have mixed with all. Some groups are still stuck in highschool, but I think that you will find that anywhere.