Linfield College-McMinnville Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Linfield is very well known for football (and sports in general), academics, speech and debate, and for student volunteerism and involvement. Locally it's a learning hub for elementary school students and for the Latino community. There's a great local network of graduates so it is a hub in the community.


My school is best known for being small and close-knit.


Linfield College is best known for the sense of community it gives to its students. It also is know for encouraging its student to study abroad. It goes so far, that it actually pays for your first ticket to a foreign country. Linfied is also known for the relationships that the professors and the students build together. It provides numerous amounts of help if you need it and actually cares about you and how your college experience it going.


our football team, pretty campus, the location is kind of in the middle of nowhere, somewhat tough school


My school is best known for sports and academics.


Linfield is best known for being a well rounded liberal arts college, which is why the Princeton Review claims we are "one of the best in the west." Here we have both high quality academics and very competitive sports: our football program is known for the current streak of 54 straight winning seasons and, academically, Linfield students have been very successful in winning Fulbright scholarships. What I think makes Linfield stand out amongst other small, private colleges are the outstanding professors, 98% of which have the terminal degree in their field; we have the opportunity to learn from true experts.


Linfield College is a place for community,service, and a sense of belonging. Linfield gives back to the town of McMinnville through many volunteer events. Academic quality are superb; professors reach out and connect with each individual student. Students are also exposed to all areas of interest in the arts, natural sciences, and social sciences. Studying abroad is also highly encouraged, and ranges from a one month,semester, or year long experience. If you see many friendly faces on campus, don't be alarmed. It's just the nature of a Linfield Wildcat.


Our football team and the emphasis we put on getting jobs after college. I would say that also we have been ranked one of the top schools on the West Coast and that too is one of the main things that we are known for.


sports, the beautiful campus, friendly and helpful people, and well rounded and involved students


Linfield is known for not being very racially diverse but, instead, being very intellectually diverse. It's very hard to determien weather Linfield has a "conservative" or "liberal" student body. Like most liberal arts colleges, it leans left, but there is a significant number of religious conservatives on campus.


It is best known for its Football team or the beauty of the campus.


Linfield is known for its excellent nursing school. It also has great buisness and social sciences departments. Many students come to Linfield in McMinnville to get their general education credits out of the way before transfering to the nursing campus in Portland. We are strong in all the other departments as well, but nursing is very prevalent.