Linfield College-McMinnville Campus Top Questions

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Linfield College has a student population of around 1,700 students. With a small college class sizes average out to around thirty students for every class. The class sizes allow close professor-student relationships throughout the semester. Other colleges I looked at were larger, and made it more difficult to have a relationship with the professors. At Linfield everyone knows everyone, allowing us to talk to our professors about problems easier than if we were in a class of about 300 students.


Linfield is the school for me because it is everything that I want. Greek Life is present but not overpowering, the student-to-faculty ratio is small, and the students are proud to maintain a sustainable campus. When I was applying to Linfield, there's no way that I could have anticipated how much I would come to love this school. I couldn't have known that my roommate would soon be my best friend or that the science building would be my favorite place to relax. I love the subtle beauty of the Linfield community.


Linfield has small class sizes and great professors that actually care and develop personal relationships with students.


Very small and has a safe, community feel to it.


Linfield has a unique study abroad program in that the school pays for the first round-trip ticket. The tuition for studying abroad is similar to the tuition while staying at Linfield. There are different majors to choose from, and a variety of places to study abroad in.


It's small, focused, and has a great one-on-one atmosphere between professors and students. I know all my professors on a first- name basis. It also places a big emphasis on sports, so about sixty percent of the students are athletes of some sort.


Linfield had the friendliest students and staff that immediatly made me feel comfortable when visiting. Amazing business department with professors that are the know around the world for the things they work in. The best looking campus grounds, that are continually being kept up. This school is the most internaionally well rounded school I have ever read about.


It's a welcoming community that accepts everyone for the person they are. Everyone is friendly to you even if you have never met, and the students are very active. It is also one of the most diverse campuses I have seen or heard of.


Linfield places a large emphasis on diversity and cultural education through study abroad programs. What makes Linfield unique, is that the school will pay for a student's airfare on the first strip abroad. Also, the availability of an optional January Term to earn additional credits for a shorter period of time was appealing, and proves to be quite helpful in helping students to reach their goals.


It is a very relaxed atmosphere, and so it is easy to feel comfortable to ask for help and form study groups. People are usually willing to help and interested in getting involved. The professors are there for the students and they are willing to make time for the students.


I only considered and applied to Linfield.