Linfield College-McMinnville Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag the most about the strong sense of community among Linfield students, staff, and faculty. Especially, the small class sizes and getting to know my professors. Attending a small college enables students to get one-on-one mentorship from experts in academic fields.


The study abroad program at this school is unbelievable! Over 70% of students here study abroad at least once while attending school. Plus, the college will PAY for your flight the first time you travel!!


Linfield is a very small school compared to most other schools so student to professor ratio is very low which is nice. And for me since I play football, the support from alumni and from the city is very impressive. Plus, a good education from Linfield is always guaranteed when you graduate.


The school has a great student-teacher ratio, the people are really happy here, financial aid is eas to get, student's are held to high standards, and it's beautiful on campus and off.


My school is known for being hard to get into, but very worth it. I love telling everyone what a great campus we have and how many awesome opportunities we have here. We have so many resources on campus that everyone uses frequently. For example, studying abroad is greatly encouraged here and the school pays you airfare for the first trip you take. An amazing opportunity and there is so much more. All the professors are highly educated in their area and very helpful. The faculty in any office is extremely kind and every helpful with everything.


I think that what I talk about most is the friendliness of Linfield. This applies to not only students, but also faculty and staff. I have made many good friends here, which is important, but I think that what I love most about Linfield is that professors and staff members ask about how you're doing, and not only do they actually care about your answer, but if you're having a bad day, they will do whatever they can to make things better.


When describing my school, Linfield College, to my friends who mostly stayed in my home town, I like to tell them about how involved the student body is. The student body here is something I've never seen at any other schools, including high school. I'll describe how this group of leaders helped the transition of the freshmen into college life and how they keep the campus fun and interesting to live on especially because this is a small town and there is not much to do within a walking distance.


The people are amazing, and the campus is so pretty you feel like you're walking through a wonderland as you go to class. The teachers are helpful and friendly, and they know how to get past mistakes with laughter. It's a small school, but there are so many people worth getting to know it feels like four years will never be enough. Almost everyone lives on campus so it feels like a little world of it's own, and everyone knows everyone. It's so close knit that you'll never feel lonely.


This is an awesome school, the campus is very community oriented and the school provides a lot of opportunity for community service and other forms of giving back. I have never felt out of place here, everyone - students and faculty - are very friendly and inviting. I have this incredibly strong feeling that I am where I am supposed to be all the time ever since I first set foot on campus. I love it here! I would not even dream of transfering even because of money.


The small class sizes and the close interaction with professors. Also the beautiful campus and close proximity to Portland. The liberal arts education is nice too.


Yes. Most of my friends go to public schools, and my sisters are still in high school, so it feels wonderful when I can tell them about an amazing faculty lecture that I attended or an out of town event that my school picked up the tab for. I definitely lead a very blessed and charmed life at Linfield!


Linfield has been named one of the best smaller schools in the west. Also, even though it is shallow, I make sure I tell people Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons graduated from here.


The overall atmosphere around campus and how well the campus grounds are maintained.


All the great people and friends I have made in the last year.


I love Linfield and I am completely happy with my decision to attend that college. I've made life long friends and had excellent professors.


When I tell my friends about Linfield, I tell them about the people there. There is always a smiling face on campus to brighten the often rainy days. Professors, students and faculty alike will go out of their way to make a stranger to campus feel welcome. The admissions office is a great example. They always have student volunteers to host high school kids and to lead last minute tours or sit with a family at lunch. I've never experienced a more friendly, comfortable, welcoming place in my life.


Small classes. Caring professors. I had a professor who moved a class time so that I could take the course.